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I was told recently by a 16 year old kid at a major retail store that going from 5 mp to 6 or 7 will actually slow down the time between taking pictures because the camera has to process more information. It makes sense...but is it true and, if so, is the time difference all that noticeable?
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Theoretically this is true. But in the real world cameras are getting faster all the time. Unless you have very specialized needs for high speeds between images it probably won't make much difference.
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You have to take each camera on a case by case basis.

Some models have much faster image processing compared to others, some have larger internal buffers compared to others, some write faster to media, etc.

So, you may find an 8 Megapixel model that's dramatically faster than a 5 Megapixel model (or vice-versa).

If you look in the Review Conclusion sections (last page before the sample photos in each camera's review), you'll see some performance information (autofocus speed, cycle times between photos, number of photos in a burst before slowing down, etc.).

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Each camera is different and they have different processors inside too. Canon uses a "DIGiC" processor, nikon uses something else (can't remember what).

Once the image has been captured by the image sensor the processor works on it. Abetter processor will do thejob faster.

So, basically, no - it's not true that a 6mp camera will take longer than a 5mp camera. In fact, the 5mp could even be slower if the processor inside is slow.

I wouldn't get hung up on an extra 1 or 2 megapixels though. There's a diagram on http://www.digital-photography-tips....egapixels.htmlthat shows that the difference is really small anyway. It's just a lot of marketing it seems!
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