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Originally Posted by kschewe
Don't get anything less then 2mp.
While I agree with this statement, I must go for the record to say that my Oly D-370 prints quite nicely. All the books on printing tell you that for printing you need between 200 and 300 ppi. At 1.3mp, I get 213ppi. My dad's 2.0 gets 266ppi. No book recomends printing anything higher than 300ppi on an injet printer. The printer must resize the image due to the fact that almost no injet is capable of over 300ppi. When it does this, it creates all kinds of artifacts and other garbage.

When I have my pictures from woodman's, I can't really tell the difference from my dad's. I can not see any jaggies on my photos.

However, I agree with you because 2 and 3mp cameras are so cheap. If I had the extra $300, I would hop online right now and order an Oly C4000, and probably never touch my D-370 agian. But alas, I am a poor college student, and haven't had a job since 2001. I bought my D-370 with a tax refund, at 130$, and have had many good pics, it was well worth the money to me.

Currently, I have been using a 1972 Minolta SRT 101 that I found in my basement. At woodman's film runs at $1.60 a roll, and developing is about $4.00. Five dollars every two weeks wont kill me, as I get some cash from my parents, and the pics are far better than I could achieve with my Oly.

Of course, when I get a job this summer, I will no doubt buy the Oly C-4000, and leave the Minolta where I found it.
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