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Default Megapixels and Print Size

I have a Canon 20 D and want to know if I can print to 13 by 19.The picture will hang in my hallway at home and will be looked at up close.

Can I print larger

Thank you
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The 20D creates 8MP images. Blowing that up to 13" x 19" would be about 180 dpi. That's not bad.

Send it someplace good.
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Absolutely... I have several 13X19's (matted to 20X16) hanging in my home shot at 2.6 MP with an old Canon Pro90IS. They look great.

My 20D still cranks out some great shots that look great as big as I want to print. The old claim of "size doesn't matter" works in photography.

I have started using HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing which effectively deals with some of the limitations of digital photography. Try it to make your shots really "pop".

Work on framing your pictures and basic photography skills and you'll be surprised how little pixels matter when a photo is viewed.
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I have had great success in getting 16 x 20 images printed from 9 ad 10 mega-pixel cameras. Fuji S-9100, Sony A-200, Fuji HS10. I do get them printed on-line in the past I have used perfectposters.com for my prints. For a 16x20 they charge about $9 plus shipping and if the images is not exactly the size you need due to crop etc they can stretch it as needed to make it work.

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You shouldn't have any trouble printing that size from your camera. Partly, though it does depend on subject matter - an ocean sunset is going to be much easier to print large than a very detailled cityscape, for example. IMO, sensor size has more to do with it than number of pixels.

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Originally Posted by Cameradawg View Post
... and will be looked at up close. ...
Depends on what you mean by that. Mostly I agree with what everyone has said, but if you expect to deal with someone who pulls a 10x loupe out of their pocket, walks toward the photo while saying, "Is the bird half way up the twentyseventh tree from the left a cardinal or a scarlet taninger?" - well not much will deal with such a person.
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Consider pre-digital, pre-70mm cinema. The standard cine frame was 24x18mm, 1/2 the size of a 135/FF frame. That is 1 inch x 3/4 inch, about APS-C sensor size. (Smaller actually, what with optical soundtracks.) Such frames, often shot with lenses and film of indifferent quality, were regularly projected onto screens up to 30x40 FEET in size.

Of course, still photography ain't like cine. But generally, a frame of any size can be enlarged to any degree, and how 'good' it looks depends on how it's presented. Everything fails when a pixel-peeper arrives. But I've printed (and sold) 12x16 inch images from a 1mpx camera, frame size 912x1216 pixels. Massaged a bit in PP, yes; but matted and framed and hung, and seen from the right distance, they look quite photographic.
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