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Just bought an new Minolta Z2 and or course like every camera company out there they only include a 16mb card. I have been doing a lot of reading and shopping out there for a 256 or 512 SD card. I can getone of the new high speed Ultra 2 256mb for $96 or a Lexor (regularspeed)512mb for $97. I really dont plan on doing a lot of video with my camera (I have a camcorder for that) just regular photo taking (if there is such a thing). Is it with my wild to go for the high speed or will the regular Lexor with more memory be just fine? Looking to spend less the $100. :?

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The normal statement is that most cameras can't write fast enough to take advantage of the really fast cards. That there is a point where they get just a little bit faster (but no much more) for the larger speed increases (and there for the larger increase in cost.)

So it usually just isn't worth the extra money for the really fast cards.

What I don't know is where that barrier is for the Minolta Z2, and how that applies to SD cards (I know more about compact flash cards.) My bet is that the larger "regular" speed card will be good enough, especially since you won't be doing video. But you might want to post this question in the Minolta section of the forum to see someone with this actual camera can share their experience with you.

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I would reccomend you looking at these cards:




Hope that helps, good SD cards w/ rebates.
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