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Default metadata info disclosure

here is a nice article about what we all leak with metadata in our images and how it can potentially be misused.

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So I should not put my bank account numbers and passwords into my EXIF anymore?
I am a bit of a privacy freak myself but, unless you are doing something illegal with your camera and posting the photos online I just do not see the danger. I am not sure what the risk is of someone finding out the camera I used or the settings I used for the image?
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I guess, if your camera has GPS which shows in the metadata, and your soon-to-be ex-wife finds out where you were and when, you could be in trouble.
This isn't something most of us would worry about in the least.

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My PP editor of choice is PaintShopPro9. It allows interesting things with metadata. For instance, I can load two pictures, let's say that pic1.jpg was shot with a ~15mpx Pentax K7 made in 2010, and pic2.jpg was shot with a ~1mpx Sony DSC-P20 made in 2001. In its editing window, I erase all of #2. I COPY ALL of #1 and paste it into the editing window of #2, and save it as pic2a.jpg. That new file, pic2a.jpg, now has a ~15mpx image containing the metadata of the ~1mpx file. Or, one can merely create a NEW image, copy all of #1 into it, and save it as pic3.jpg -- and it lacks metadata.

I will admit to posting such manipulations on a certain website (4chan/p) so as to obfuscate the origins of images, to protect the innocent/guilty/clueless/etc. You can too, be ye paranoid enough. If you have anything to hide, just filter all images that may be posted online. It's rather quick and easy, eh?
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