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On the whole the digital age has been a great boon to photographers!

But for some business venues like stock shooters it is also turning out to be very much a coffin nail.
It is also a two edge sword, while it has many benifits and tends to speed up shooting, it has added many late night hours of post processing.

Photography as a livelyhood seems to be under attack from several fronts like the editorial media pushing rights grabs and WFH contracts.
People who signed them get paid a small wage and do not own the images they produce.

So yes some photography has dropped in value, whether caused by microstock, royaltyfree, crwodsourcing, WHF contracts or whatever. Other areas are doing well, if you want to be in a profitable buisness you need to migrate over to an income producing stream. It may not be what you prefer to shoot or do though, so it starts to feel a lot like work .
Do you think photography due to microstock and the digital age has dropped in value?
You are absolutely correct, for the person not depending on stock as a revenue source for a living it is possible to make some extra money this way.

Getty also sees there is profit to be made this way or they would not have purchaed istockphoto. Getty's and Corbis normal full stock services are not performing very well any more. I would not be surprised to see Corbis start to acquire the established microstocks companies as well.
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nelmr wrote:
Interestingly enough, I posted this same question over at one of the microsites.

I do have a small portfolio there of 5 images that I put up just as a test to see what happens and how things work about 6 months ago. I figured this wasn't wroth my time after intially starting. Not due to poor preformance but for the economics of it as I am mentioning.

BTW, my images sold 6 times for a total of $5.30. That's $0.88 a sale. Not as low as $0.30 that you mention

One person claims in a thread I started similar to this one, that he has figured the cost of an image is $5 and if he had 3,000 - 3,500 he could make a comfortable living comprable to his day job (he has about 250 images online as it is).

So that would mean his costs would be $15,000-17,500 if his calculation are correct. To live comfortably? If we were talking say $45,000, he would have to be pulling in $20 per image per year. Is it possible to pull that much per image per year?


Do you think photography due to microstock and the digital age has dropped in value? The bureau of labor (US) sites the average photographer income in the past 9 years has been:

1997 - $15.95 USD
1998 - 17.11
1999 - 18.26
2000 - 18.20
2001 - 19.10
2002 - 16.59
2003 - 17.41
2004 - 16.46
2005 - 17.05

These numbers look very stagnet to me consider 9 years of inflation and no real patern of growth at all. To bad I can't get statstics futher back than 97.
That doesn't look good, does it? Making the same as ten years ago ...

I was a professional, and it was difficult to get with the 'in-crowd' 15 years ago, to work for and (advertising) agency or finding corporate customers. It will be even more difficult now to earn a decent living ...

BTW, I hate weddings ... although that's were some money is to be made ...

The best bet is to set up your own site and attract amateurs ... :G
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(depending which country you are in) More evil, a lot of the work like catalogue product is or has going overseas to A/P.

First the product manfacture went over, the shooting and printing were done here.
Then the printing went over, shooting was still done here.
Then recently the shooting went over as well, and everyone got laid off.

All consumers see here in N/A is the constant stream of nice shiney catalogues for products not made here.

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