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Default The millenium approaches in dSLR

Photokina marks the 15-year anniversary of EOS as a brand. Canon is announcing two new EOS models at the show - the world's highest resolution Pro-camera, the EOS 1Ds and the EOS 300V, which is predicted to become the world’s number 1 selling SLR camera.

The EOS-1Ds features the first ever full frame 35mm CMOS sensor with 11.1 million effective pixels. The EOS-1Ds capture astounding detail & colour, almost doubling the resolution ordinarily considered state of the art for a digital SLR camera in the world today.*

Also new this year are three digital still cameras, all featuring the new high performance DIGital Imaging Core (DIGIC) processor. One of the trio, the Digital IXUS v³, is claiming the position as the world’s smallest 3.2 Megapixel digital camera with optical zoom and LCD monitor.*
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Default Canon 1D - Studio Version

Hi all,
Copied and pasted here from a website, not sure about the authenticity.

Prior to the release of the 1D there were rumors flying that the "soon to be announced" camera would be 6 Mpixels, have a "full-frame" chip, that the chip would be CMOS, etc., etc., etc.

As we know, this was not the case. The 1D, while an OUTSTANDING camera, features a 4+ Mpixel CCD sensor with a multiplication factor of 1.3x. What happened to the camera which was rumored as being announced?

Recently there has been a new wave of rumors related to a new Canon 1Ds, or studio version of the camera. While these rumors have been all over the place, and some quite contradictory, we decided to do a little digging of our own. This was prompted by a quote from Lou Desiderio, VP of Rowland Communications, Canon's PR firm for digital cameras.

According to the quote: "Lou Desiderio, a spokesman for Canon, said he doubted that the pixel gap between Canon's new camera and its most expensive model would last long. "It's pretty safe to say that a six- or eight-megapixel replacement for the 1D will be coming," he said."

While I must stress that everything at this point is RUMOR and nothing more, we have uncovered credible information regarding this new camera. The information is as follows.

According to our source, the primary new features are:

New 1D, based on same body as current 1D

Sensor will be 8+ Mpixels (possibly 11+)

Sensor will be Full Frame CMOS

Frame-Rate at about 3-4 fps

Buffer will be significantly enlarged

Camera will not have Foveon chip

First units in Fall timeframe

Price-point at about current 1D pricing

First, this rumor has been (in large part) independently confirmed from more than one source. However, nothing prevents Canon from changing these specs and delaying or canceling its release.

Whether or not Canon elects to release this camera in 2002 is still unknown, and probably won't be known until the Photokina show on September 25 - 2002 in Germany.

In the meantime, all we can do is speculate, guess, and imagine what is up next. However, with the Nikon D1x approaching its 18 month point about that time, you can be sure Nikon is ready in the wings with a replacement - could Canon be that far behind?

As new information begins to leak about the new Canon Pro SLR, the excitement grows. I know the D60 was less than many of you had hoped, and you are waiting to see what Canon has up it's sleeve. Please visit our forum and share whatever you may have heard.
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