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liqu1d Dec 25, 2003 11:28 AM

Milnolta e323, Panasonic DMC-LC33 or Olympus STYLUS 300
Hi, im planning to buy a digital camera and im very pleased by the 3 models that i mentionned in the subject of this message. I just want to make a good choice, and im still confused which one to choose.

first of all i just want to say money is not a problem for the choice of a camera

I know all of them are 3.something megapixels, and i also know they are 3x optical zoom.

I know the stylus 300 is "solid" with a metal case and such, but im not planning to smash it in a wall or something, so that must not be a comparative either.

Actually i wanna know whick of the following is doing the best results : olympus, leica, or the minolta lens.

I also want to know which of the following cameras is the fastest to take pictures, and well, finally :)) WHich would be the best buy for the overall quality of the camera.

Thanks for reading, and if i could have some advices, it would be greatly appreciated :)

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