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Default Mini Digicam - Which is "best"?

:?: I am looking for a very small digicam. It doesn't need to make great photos, just reasonably good ones...something I can keep with me all the time for those rare photo-opps. I am trying to keep it under $400, but less is better.

I am looking at the Kyocera SL300R. Any opinions...other suggestions?


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I like the 640 X 480 movies (no sound) but otherwise prefer the lighter Pentax S4. I hate framing with only the LCD and prefer 4Mp in case I want to blow something up. You get lag in the LCD and have to take your shots a little before they happen on the LCD. Unless you have terrific near vision it is hard to frame well on a 1.5 inch LCD and harder to steady. The Pentax has half the shutter lag in both regular and pre-focus, although the Kyocera has an exceptional continuous exposure mode. The S4 takes voice memos, has a super macro mode, alarm clock for travel. I also like a panorama mode which the S4 has and the Kyocera doesn’t. The S4 is a neat little camera and half again lighter. Comes with a better software package also if there is anything there you want.

Colors are really bright and saturated on the Kyocera – hope you can turn that down a little. It has a 2, 4, and 8 second long exposure but I don’t know what good that would do without a tripod connection point. The night scene mode on the S4 would be more useful since it has a tripod socket. There are some nifty little pocket tripods that also attach to things with velcro – 2 oz and $10.

The Casio Z4 has the same Pentax lens as the S4 and has a 2 inch LCD along with an optical finder. A little larger than the S4 but still lighter than the Kyocera. The Z4 comes with a dock if you like that. I have enough junk on my desk but it is handy.

They are all compromises compared to larger cameras. I know the S4 has a little vignetting at wide angle for instance. Not something you would notice in most shots. It is also a little soft in the corners, again not very noticeable. The Kyocera seems to be a little soft in the corners too. The real time histogram on the S4 display is OK but I wouldn’t use it much as I seldom frame with the LCD.

There is also a $30 rebate going on the S4. http://www2.buydig.com/shop/product....me&sku=PKOPTS4
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Canon S400 is a great camera and there are some very good deals on it right now (~ $325 USA).
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