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I am posting this because i want opinions. I have on order a canon elura 70 camcorder. I know it is completely different than our digital cameras, but do most people have and use both....i own a fuji e550, and it has amazing video quality. I keep thinking that a camcorder will be nice on some occassions, but i cant imagine packing both around. I got it very cheap, it was $999 dollars ten months ago and i just paid $449( i am in canada)...just thought i would get the votes, i keep thinking just haing the camera is sooooo easy....but will i use the camcorder enoughor the camera more


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The camcorder will have a MUCH better video quality compared to any digital camera.

I have a Sony W1 which takes [email protected] clips, it has great results, but does not compare to my Panasonic MiniDV camcorder which has pratically no compression for video. Plus you can get 1 hour per tape (16 gigs worth) or 1 1/2hours if you feel adventurous with your MINIDV tape.

I carry both on my belt most of the time no problem, both are very small (my camcorder is only marginaly bigger than the camera). Sometimes I just don't carry my cell phone (peace & quite to boot!)

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Since I use cameras with 640x480 video now I almost never use my Canon ZR-series camcorder anymore. Too much to carry around.

The Canon S1 probably has the best video quality currently. It does 640 x 480 like many do, but also offers a "fine" mode in the video which compresses the video less than on the Fuji models (but eats up nearly 2 megs of space per second on your memory card in doing so). You also have the added benefit of image stabilization on that model.

Once it reached this level, I shelved the camcorder unless it's an extremely long video I need to take, in which case tape is moreconvenient than carrying a bunch of 1 gig cards. :-) But for most everyday video shots, who really takes more than a couple of minutes of*interesting* video, anyway?

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