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alph seeker Jan 27, 2004 11:04 AM

Mini movies in general, but also on TV
Hi everyone!
I'll be selecting a new camera soon, and even though I recognize that the camera capablities come first, I am really interested in one that has a good mini movie feature. Do the ones with AV-out mean that you can view the movie (and pictures) on a TV? If so, which formats (avi, mpeg, both?)

I really like the Kyocera SL300, and the Pentax Optio S-4 (looking for a pocket camera.) SL300 has higher Res. than the optio, so is a plus. Difference is, the Optio has AV-out and SL300 does not. So, is it possible to burn the AVI movies onto a CD-R and play them on a DVD player? How else can you view the hi-res (and unlimited time) on a TV? (assuming they will look good on a TV that is.)

Similarly, even though the OPTIO has AV-out, it has 1/2 the resolution and FPS as the SL300, so will it look good on the TV, and if not, will the difference be very noticeble on a PC, if both ca only be viewed that way?

Finally, is AVI the only format that could (if at all) be viewed on a TV? I'm considering the Sony P-72, which has AV-out, but is Mpeg.

Thanks --great Site here!!

hst Jan 27, 2004 10:00 PM

What to look for
You want to look for:
30FPS record rate which is considered real time
640x480 video if you want something that looks good on a TV.

Most videos on digital cameras don't look that great. The ones that seem to look about the best in my opinion are the new Sony 828 and the new Fuji line of cameras. The Olympus 5060 also looks pretty good but at 15FPS its kind jumpy as it goes from frame to frame. These are hardly pocket cameras either.

Take a look at some of the examples here in steves reviews and you can get a good idea of what to expect from the video. The Fuji s7000 seems to do a good job with video not as good as a Digital Camcorder, but not too bad.

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