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Shraga18 Oct 27, 2003 6:05 AM

Mini-review and pictures
As mentioned in an earlier post, my new and first digicam is the Kodak 4530. Looking around the web, I found very few user reviews and no pro reviews for this camera. I suppose the reason for that is that it's basically the same as the dx 4330, just with added MP and internal memory. You can read Steve's review of the dx 4330 at

Nevertheless, I'd like to give some feedback here from a consumer's point of view. Here are the pros and cons:

Great quality pictures. Good color and sharp.
good price for a 5MP cam.
Video with sound, limited only by size of available memory.
Good macro.
1.8" lcd.
Uses AA batteries.
Good picture-to-picture time.
Great syncing system and software.
Easy to understand and use navigation menu.
32 mb internal memory. While this isn't a lot in the big picture, it's more than many (or most) other cameras, and if I don't have my sd-card available I can still take a decent amount of pictures.

You can see some macro and other shots at

Limited manual controls (only has exposure compensation and exposure length).
Somewhat bigger than many other digicams.
No internal lens closure. Uses a silly plastic snap-on cap.
Low-light focusing problems.

This last one is the most bothersome for me, but as I don't take pictures on low light that often, it wasn't enough to make me give up this camera. The bottom line is the great pictures I get. Without fail, when I look at a new batch of pictures on my laptop, I know that there'l be several that will simply take my breath away...

Any question, don't hesitate to ask!


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