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pianoplayer88key Jul 21, 2004 3:59 AM

camera with...
8 megapixels (3264x2448)
4/3" sensor
2" (or 2.5" or 3" would be nice) swivel LCD
at least 32mm wide angle, at least 512mm telephoto with the built-in lens (i.e. not an SLR, but accepts conversion lenses)
F/1.4 at wide, F/2.4 (or F/2.0 if possible) at tele
reads and writes to DVDs (the full sized 5" ones, not the 2" or 3" mini ones) fast enough to enable continuous recording of high quality 2048x1536 60fps movie clips with 44kHz stereo 320kbps (mp3) sound
(I'd like to be able to put a 3.5" computer hard drive or 2.5" laptop hard drive in it, but after my experience with a microdrive that seems to have gone bad even though I've been very careful with it, I figured I want something solid-state that supports at least a few GB on one piece of media that isn't too expensive
uses AA batteries for power (or maybe if the camera is already fairly big maybe use C's or D's)
would it possibly be comparable in size to, say, a Canon EOS-1D Mark II, or a Canon Digital Rebel, or an Oly E-1, or what?

what else should a camera like this have? Should the megapixel count be dropped down to 5 (2560x1920), or put in a larger sensor (to keep the image noise at ISO 3200 under control)?

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