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Default Minolta Dimage A1

Hy !

I'm planing to buy a Dimage A1.

I've read many comments about this camera.
If you've got something to say (positive or negative) about this camera, could you tell me ? please.
(I don't want to mistake in the choice of a camera)
For 10*15cms prints, is it worth waiting for a sony F828 ?

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5Mp gives decent 13 X 19 inch prints. 8Mp would give slightly better large prints. It comes out to about 135PPI for 5Mp and 175 PPI for 8Mp. You can see the difference slightly in the prints between 135 and 175 PPI. For anything smaller you wonít see a difference IMO.

The image stabilization on the A1 will give sharper handheld shots under a lot of shooting conditions Ė especially in Europe in the winter. So a large 5Mp stabilized print might look better than an 8Mp unstabilized one. And Adobe RGB gives a little better color depth than the standard sRGB. And if you donít mess with raw the A1s superfine will give better JPGs. If you normally shoot with a tripod and use raw it might be worth waiting for some good reviews and sample shots from the production 828. Keep in mind that it is very large and heavy compared to the Minolta.

The A1 doesnít have the greatest noise characteristics, but it isnít as bad as my D7I, which I find quite useable. Occasionally I use Neat Image for large prints and it completely removes the noise. But most shots with the D7i donít show terrible grain even when printed large. With the more densely packed sensor the 828 is likely to be a little noisy as well.

I personally think the A1 is the camera of choice right now if you arenít considering DLSR. About the only camera you can compare it to is the 828 and that is a very heavy camera without stabilization. A lot of the weight is in the f2 lens which is a very nice feature, so it is heavy for a reason. The Sony will also focus in the dark with the laser hologram focus. The A1 isnít bad but it canít compare to the Sony in that regard. I havenít read any comments on the A1, but the D7i and Hi would not do IR photography. Minolta added an improved IR internal filter which cleaned up the shots a little but canít be removed. The Sony IR filter can be bypassed so your viewfinder evidently acts as a primitive IR scope and you can do excellent IR photography. It has never been my bag but it is something to consider.
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Ref: IR Capability in 828

In contrast to some of the reports and previews based on Pre-Production 828's, it appears that Sony may have "crippled" the IR capability in the 828 (they also crippled it in the 717, so that it's useability is somewhat limited).

Daniella (a frequent dpreview.com forum poster) has the absolute nicest IR photos that I've ever had the pleasure to view. They are absolutely stunning.

Her camera of choice for IR is the Minolta DiMAGE D7. It did not have a Hot Mirror Filter (which filters out IR) as found in the newer D7i and D7Hi.

See this forum thread for a discussion on it (and make sure to check out Daniella's IR Albums. You'll see her album links at the bottom of her posts in this thread:

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Hy !

Thank you for your help. These advices are very useful for me.
IR photos are amazing ! I've never heard about that before, but I really enjoyed these pictures.


Tom :shock:
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Default Re: Minolta Dimage A1

Originally Posted by kabuto
If you've got something to say (positive or negative) about this camera, could you tell me ?
I just posted a preliminary comparison of Nikon 5700 vs. Minolta A1 from a point of view of a 5700 user. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...essage=6739812

Nikon Coolpix 950/990/995/2500/4500 User Guide
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Positive ?
... Don't forget the WYSIWYG mode of the Dimages:

Put this camera in full manual and What You See Is What You Get, ie the camera is in full stop down mode and reflects the real exposure as you increase/decrease the shutter speed or aperture!

-> No need to review the pictures anymore since what you see in the EVF in manual is what's going to be stored to the CF... No dSLR can do that and with a real-time histogram too. This feat works amazingly well for night shots with no need for bracketing at all. 8) 8) 8)

BTW you can overide this feature when shooting on manual in a dark studio... :P
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I have just bought a A1. I hesitated, but at the end I really believe, to buy a camera is a little bit combined with emotion. The new Fuji S7000 and the Canon 300D are great, but all plastic - I don't like that. The new Sony seems to be impressive, but for me it's to big. The new DSLRs from Pentax, Olympus and Canon are to expensive for my needs. So I decided for the Minolta; it is very good - in some aspects clearly not excellent, but it fits in my hand, the zoom is manual and if you want it works like a manual camera.
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