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the bells and whistles on the A1 are fairly few. most of these features are ones that a SLR type camera would have short of the QT movie making feature. if you do decide on the A1 those features tend to grow on you rapidly.

as to the zoom. each has a preference of course. as far as converters go if you read some of my histoic stuff here you know i'm no fan of front end converters. this is because of the softness and distortion the impart to the image as campared to a true WA built in lens like that of the A1. as was said some prefer the tele end. i just feel that the A1 is the best balance of both with a reasonable speed and agility in that class. the idea for me was to carry around a all around camera that fit a optimal range that required little to no extra components except a spare battery and maybe a slightly more powerful strobe. and all this had to fit in a specific pouch.

don't get me wrong about big lenses. i pool lenses with a few people and can pull a big gun out as needed. i save that for the obvious camera for cropping as nesessary.

as is throughout the world to each his/her own. thats why there are a mere 200+ models of digital camera today.
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I've been at 99% committed on buying an A1 about 5 times already, keep getting temprarily distracted towards other models & then come back again .. . . right now I'm looking into buying a parallel import one in NZ for around NZD1700 (against local rrp of about NZD2600, ie USD1650) or buying one in from the US at around USD700+freight+duty, which works out around HALF our local cost ~ just not sure about the 'No Warranty' situation, doing my research etc etc .. . .

BrooC ;-))
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