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looking at either of these cameras, my favourite at the moment, mainly due to being £150 cheaper is the z2. I want to take action shots of motorcycle racing and have read the reviews on this site but still cant make my mind up. Has anyone used these cameras for action pics and what are the results like.Does the image stabilization on the fz10 really work or is it a gimmick, especially as i will be doing lots of panning shots.

also is the fz10 pictbridge compatible like the z2


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Motorcycle racing...forget cameras in this class...you really need to go for a dSLR with manual controls on the lens. Cameras in the class/price range of the Z2/DCM-FZ10 are just too slow in focusing, and too slow in shutter lag.

If you were going to do this professionally, I'd suggest you look at the Olympus E-1, but you'd then be paying about 1000UKP just for the body, the lens is extra. There are cheaper dSLRs, that are pretty fast, and certainly much faster than the cameras you mentioned above.
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The stabilization on the FZ10 works great, but not for what you want to use it for. The only advantage of the FZ10 over the Z2 for action photography is that the larger lens maintains f2.8 at full zoom where the Z2 goes to f3.7. You will generate almost twice the shutter speed with the lens zoomed on the FZ10.

The FZ10 has a good manual focus system also – not compared to a DSLR but good compared to most other digitals. Someone who knows what they are doing can get focused racing shots with that level of camera. Since you are stationary and they have to pass, you can focus where they will be and then pick them up and pan – taking the shot when they reach your focus point.

The big disadvantage panning with either camera is that there is lag in the EVF. You have to learn to account for that or the subject will be leaving the front of the frame when you think they are in the middle. Get a big card and review them as you shoot. I think it is something you can learn to anticipate.

I would think you would turn the stabilization off for panning. And even if you aren't panning the stabilization dampens out camera movement but doesn't do anything for subject movement.

Stabilization lets you take long telephoto shots of stationary subjects handheld in many lighting situations you would need a tripod for the Z2. It is also great at wider angles for available light handheld shots you can't get with any prosumer camera without stabilization.

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The FZ10 supports both USB Mass Storage and PictBridge standards. You can select between the two in the camera's Setup menus.
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