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nanu_89 Jan 26, 2004 7:14 PM

Minolta X20 and all Minolta quality settings
I do not own but am seriously looking into getting a Minolta X20. And when I looked at the chart on this site and Minolta's for how many pictures an 8 MB card will hold and there is the MP categories thne they (the MP groups) are split into fine, standard, and economy categories. I have never heard of this before. I thought quality was based on megapixels? What are these fine, standard, and economy settings and how much quality impact do they have? I will not be printing my own pictures as Walgreens do fine for my dad's :D His is set at .3 megapixels and does fine for 4x6s and 5x7s but I think I would set mine at 1.3. ANYWAY i was basically wondering about those fine, standard, and economy settings and impact. THANX!

slipe Jan 26, 2004 7:30 PM

Quality settings are the JPG compression. The higher the compression the lower the quality. But the pictures can still be full sized. I think it better to lower the quality than to lower the resolution, but others might disagree.

I canít imagine anyone being happy with a 5 X 7 printed from a 0.3 pixel shot. If you think they look good use economy with 1.3 and you wonít have to buy a card.

I personally think it a bad idea to buy that camera and not budget in a memory card and take your photos at 2Mp at decent quality. You can get a 64Mb SD card for $29.50 delivered: You also arenít going to use it enough if you donít get a charger and a couple of NiMH batteries for it. You have to leave the LCD on all the time since there is no viewfinder and you will eat batteries otherwise. I think Wal Mart has an inexpensive charger with batteries.

sensovision Jan 27, 2004 3:30 PM

hi nanu, I agree with slipe that you should fund yourself bigger memory if going to buy camera, I think for X20, 64 mb would be ok, I'm using 32 mb and on the highest quality and it fit from 30 to 50 images depending on what kind of shots I'm doing.
If you wish I can shoot same image(I'm owner of X20) with different image settings and put them on the site so you can compare them. just let me know.
Also when I have to do much photos I usually switch to standard compression it gives me ability to do twice more photos but changes in quality are so small that I can spot them only magnifing images...

Baz Jan 30, 2004 4:04 AM

Hi Nanu, I have a Fuji 602Z camera which is great, even if a little bulky, and so I recently got a Minolta X20 camera. I can highly recommend it.

Such a very compact camera with 3x optical zoom gives amazing results. I find I am using it more than the 602 as it fits in the pocket and so always available & unobtrusive.

But as already said, get the biggest SD card you can afford. From what I have learn't, it is best to always use the highest resolution, and finest compression with a camera. You never know if you may capture a great shot that deserves a big print, The best quality & resolution will do this for you.

Although the X20 is only a 2MP camera, with the best quality & resolution, it will print A4 size photos with excellent quality.

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