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Default modifying fuji digicam?

is it possible to modify a fuji finepix digicam to accept SLR telephoto lenses. I've just bought a faulty finepix, it doesnt focus! could I remove the digicams lens , make a mount, attach a standard SLR lens to use it as a digicam with manual focus. what would the multiplying factor be for the focal length? 6x? what other problems does anyone forsee? any advice?
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It would be a serious undertaking ......

1) Metering will almost surely be completely off
2) Focal length multiplier will depend on how far off the camera you mount the lense - given aspect ratio the focal length multiplier on a small ccd fuji point and shoot will be some ridiculous number.. most likely only useful for astrophotgraphy LOL
3) Provided you figure out the mounting distance youll need a subframe around the camera to keep the weight distribution of the front heavy lense from flexing the camera to the point of break.
4) Color rendition will surely be undersaturated
5) How you would correctly establish aperature to the CCD from the lense is beyond me...

I did something similar to a Olympus 2500-CL which is a SLR digicam when my zoom stopped working... BUT all i did was remove the lens shroud - attached a bung to the lens barrel , aand then modified the shroud to make it a manual zoom... It ended up working ok but focus was not 100% accurate, however I did gain another 30-50 mm in zoom that it did not wind past before in automode...

Good luck ... sounds like a fun project but i suggest you read up on optics before you start removing screws ...
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