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Has anyone compared the Huey with any of the other calibration devices?

I had been using a Huey (the Huey Pro) for a year or two. It seemed to work all right on the large LCD monitors I've had, but never did very well with either one of the laptops I've owned. Last night my laptop (15" MacBook Pro) started to look like it was set at 256 colors, not the "millions" it really was set at, very strange colors. The 24" Apple Cinema LED monitor looked fine.

Tonight I decided to see what it would look like if I turned off the profile for the laptop's monitor (rather than automatically taking the computer into the shop for repair) and suddenly, the colors went back to their millions. I went through the monitor re-calibration procedure for both monitors and the funky colors came back. I figured at this point that there's something either wrong with my Huey. There's a button that says you can recalibrate the Huey in the System preference program, so I decided to try it. Nothing apparently happened, except that it doesn't work at all now (ooops!) and won't calibrate the monitors at all. I should know better than try something when I don't know what I'm doing.

I've never been particularly happy with the Huey's calibration of the laptop's monitor, even the new one (my MacBook Pro is only about a month old, one of the new models). So now I'm wondering about switching over to one of the Spyder models, or something entirely different if there's a better solution out there. I can't spend huge amounts of money on a device, but I'd be willing to spend more than the Huey costs if I can get significantly improved performance. I've tried the various do-it-yourself, eye-balling it programs (there's one that's part of the Mac operating system) but am terrible with them, so that's not an option.
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I use the Spyder 2 pro (the current model is the Pro 3). I've never used it on my laptop as I rarely edit on it, but do use it to calibrate my 24" Samsung LCD monitor. It seems to do a good job, and my colors are accurate. The Spyder 3 can be found for around $175. They've also got the Express, which is about 1/2 the cost. I haven't used any other options, so I can't really compare. Eyeballing doesn't work for me either.
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I'm looking for an inexpensive (free - 100 USD) monitor calibration tool. Color is very important to me, but I do not print. I'm just looking to get the same color on two laptops using four different monitors. I _am_ good at eyeballing. Is there anything in my price range that will improve on the monitor color calibration tools built in to Mac OS X ("System Prefs>>Displays>>Color>>Calibrate")?


(Hardware: MacBook Pro 13" 2009; MacBook 13" unibody 2008, Dell 23" LCD monitors (two), hooked up using DVI.)

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