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I have a VG712s ViewSonic digital monitor 1280x1024 dvi connection (according to my other half :roll

My question is, is there a programme out there that I can use to set up the colours correctly so that when I have a picture I am looking at the right colours.

We have three computers in the house, two digital and from downloading a picture from my fuji finepix s5000, the colours alter from one to another. If I want to send a picture I want to make sure that it'sright. Does that make sense:?
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It makes lots of sense. What you want to do is "calibrate your monitor."

There are basically two ways to do it. Software or hardware & software.

The "just software" solution can be done on the web, there are a few web pages that show certain graphics and then you can follow the instructions on the web page and you'll do a decent job of it.

Another software solution is with a tool like Adobe Gama. It comes with the full version of photoshop (I don't think with elements) and you run the program and do what it says. I've never used it, so I can't say how it works. But the result is a decent attempt at calibration for the monitor.

The hardware solution is to buy a colorometer (sp?) and software that runs it. They work by displaying specific colors and then sampling the output of the monitor with the hardware device (the colorometer) so it knows exactly what the monitor is displaying.

This generally results in a very good calibration, but can vary between brands.

There is a... split of opinion on which to get. The ColorVision Spyder isn't a bad one, but it isn't very good (in my opinon.) From all I've read in formal tests, it doesn't do a very good job compaired to things that cost a bit more. On the other hand, there are many people here to use a Spyder and say that it works well for them. I don't know if this is an issue of standards, of a change/improvement in the product. Personally, I prefer the Monaco OPTIX XR. The tests that I found on the web showed that it worked very well on new and older hardwear (and I tend to keep monitors until they die.) I've been very happy with that hardware.

Do now that if you go with the hardware solution that you should make sure you can use it on multiple computers. It is possible that they will limit you on the number of systems it can work on and you'll need more licenses to run on any more computers.

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Padsnbon wrote:
....We have three computers in the house, two digital and from downloading a picture from my fuji finepix s5000, the colours alter from one to another....
You can go quite a long way at no cost with just a testcard image, for example the one to be found on...


If you have prints done there you'll get their printed version as well as the online image.

Display the image on each of your monitors, and try to twiddle the monitor controls as follows for a decent match. In the absence of a standard print of the test chart,you cantry to make an inkjet print that matches one of the monitors to your satisfaction, and youcan put it alongside each monitor.

First try each monitor on its default factory settings. Next, try turning the contrast up to maximum, and adjusting the brightness so that you see as many as possible of the steps on the grey and coloured brightness step wedge strips on the test chart.

If possible, adjust the monitors to the same colour temperature value (e.g., 6500K).

Note that you need to standardise the ambient lighting conditions if you want to get a good colour match. E.g., do it all with daylight from nearby windows on a dull day, or use the same type of fluorescent lighting, or buy blue-coated 'craft' incandescent light bulbs, which are meant to help seamtresses get the colours right on tapestries. If you have different lighting, your eyes & brain will readjust your personal white balance every time you look round the room or go to a different monitor.

Another thing to try is to shrink the scanned area of your monitors (make 'Windows' into a small window with lots of black in it, using the image size adjustment on the monitor) and adjust the brightness so that the scanned area is the same shade as theouter unscannedarea. This means you've got the blackest black your monitor can display.

If you make changes to monitor settings take careful notes of what you've done, so you can undo it if necessary.

Good luck!

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Eric is right I have the Colorvision Spyder pro and it is not bad. They have now replaced it with the Spyder2pro, supposedly a much more sensitive and accurate unit.

The monaco Optix is supposed to be very good.

The good thing about the hardware units is they prompt you every couple of weeks to re-caliberate and all you do is plug the spyder in to a usb port and click a button.
Software does all the work and a few minutes later saves a new monitor icc profile.

I also went for the extra ColorVision printfix patch reader to let me create and edit custom profiles for my printers.

If your having fun now, wait unitl you try to get a colormatch with your favourite lab/printing service :-)

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Old Jul 2, 2005, 3:12 AM   #5
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One J2O plus adrop of vodka and "calibration" was the word I was searching for but COULD I remember it! :lol: Thanks for the advice. I had heard of the spyder but hadn't really looked into it. Firstly I think I will try the cheaper options mentionedand if they don't work to my liking move on up the ladder a bit. I'll have to wait til I get home now though cos I'm off on a weekend break

Thanks again. Who needs Google when members have the answers
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