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Default monitor trouble

hi all!

I have encountered a very puzzling problem.

The symptom is that suddenly the monitor goes black, the pc sound is still on. This happens in a seemingly random way, it might be minutes between events or hours. I have found if I unplug the monitor cable from the pc the monitor puts up its usual searching for signal message. If I then immediately plug the monitor back in the pc, the monitor has normal display. I have tried inspection of the cable and wiggling the connection without any result. I am currently thinking this way. Since when the failure occurs the monitor goes black, without the signal missing message, that it is the monitor that is faulty. If this is true then why does it come on again immediately when plugged in again. Any ideas welcome. But I do not have access to another monitor.
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While it's working, try setting a different resolution, and see if it lasts any longer.
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hi if it goes black then it could be its lost power, your video card may have over heated check on blocked or non working fans see if your pc is covered in dust inside
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In addition to the computer maintenance/heat issues, assuming this is well beyond 'sleep mode'.

At the computer level, video and sound are traditionally 2 different systems and on different cards (or circuitry on integrated motherboards), and up until HDMI video didn't carry audio. What type of connection are you currently using - VGA, DVI, (with separate audio cable) of HDMI. I am assuming that the speakers are inside the monitor.

Replace the cable, or better yet, switch to a different system if both the computer and monitor support it. In other words, if on HDMI now and you roll back to VGA and it works, you know it is either the cable or the connection/card.

On a secondary note, last week I upgraded my old Sony 17" square flat screen to a 23" LG IPS monitor that Best Buy had on sale. Loving it! Speakers havealways been separate on desk. No fancy cards for either as both are integrated into the motherboard. Then again, I am not a gamer so don't need high end cards, but with heavy photo and video processing, and IPS monitor is the way to goif you end up having to get a new monitor.

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It sounds to me as if the video card is failing or overheating. I would try Wave's suggestions first, and if that doesn't help, replace the video card.

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If you (or a friend) have a laptop with the same kind of connection, try it with your monitor. That will tell you if the problem is in the monitor or the PC.
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What version of Windows are you using (XP, 32 bit Vista, 64 bit Vista or Win 7, etc.?

What kind of computer is it (brand/model), and what video card are you using in it (if you know)?

Sometimes graphics drivers won't wake up properly from sleep mode. So, I'd make sure you have the latest drivers installed for your graphics chipset (AMD Radeon, Intel, Nvidia, etc.). It's usually best to get them from the manufacturer's web site for the OS you're using. If you let us know what computer and operating system you are using, we can give you links to the correct driver.

What happens when you move or click your mouse or trackpad when the problem occurs? From time to time, I've seen issues where the mouse (or other input device) driver was not setup to allow it to wake up a computer from sleep mode, especially with wireless devices.

If you go to Driver Management, "right click" on the mouse or trackpad driver and select Properties, you should find a Power Management Tab in most Windows versions that let you check a box to allow the device to "wake up" a computer from sleep mode. This is the screen you'll see with newer Windows versions if you look at a device's properties (note the Power Management Tab):

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I guess I also should have asked what kind of monitor you use. I have had a very similar problem with a CRT monitor, which turned out to be a cracked solder connection. This was something that didn't develop until the monitor was several years old.

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