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First, I don't know much about photography.

I was looking at the Kodak Z612 6mp and the Kodak C875 8mp cameras. Looking at the number of pictures in a 1gb card, for the Z612 at 6mp, it is 247 pictures and the C875 at 8mp, it is 408 pictures.

Is there something I don't understand?

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JPEG images are compressed, and when less detail is present in an image, or when you have large areas of even colors, the file sizes can be smaller.

You can also vary the amount of compression used with most camera models. JPEG is a lossy compression method. IOW, image quality can degrade with higher compression levels.

From a quick glance through the menus, it appears that the C875 does not let you change the amount of compression being applied. It also appears that it's file sizes are slightly smaller on average compared to the Z612 from looking at the sample photos in their reviews here. Note that subject type will impact file sizes shooting in jpeg (more detailed subjects with more colors will not compress as well).

Now, the C875 may have slightly smaller jpeg sizes on average because it's using a higher compression level (which can degrade images), or it may not have as much detail in it's images. It's hard to say without a more thorough comparison of the same images in the same conditions.

But, given the same image quality and jpeg compression levels, you should get larger file sizes (less photos on a card) if you increase the resolution with all else remaining the same. Of course, all else is rarely the same. So, you'll have to let your eyes be the judge of why the C875 appears to have smaller file sizes on average. My guess is more aggresive jpeg compression by default. Kodak has been criticized for that often in the past (although they have been making more models that let users have better control over it, as in the Z612 you're looking at).

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