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Default movie mode with voice-which cameras and how long

I'm looking for a digital camera, at least 4 megapixels that does voice with movie mode, but for longer than a minute or two
I was hoping to get like 20-30 minutes
I could of sworn I read an article about a new camera that came out that gives you a long time of movie mode with voice if you had a big enough SD or compact flash card to store it

thanks in advance

i currently own the nikon 3100, it does movie mode, but no voice
looking to upgrade that
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Yes, I thought the usefulness of 'memo mode' had been underestimated in a digicam. I think you'll find that their design mindset is 'shoot a still and add voice notes (for up to 30 Secs)'. Not, here's a recorder for voice WAV files, record as much as you like in voice mode and we'll adjust the shot counter for available memory. My cheap MP3 player does what you want.

If you're looking at efficient movie or audio recording, then only those cameras recording MPEG2 streams (rather than VGA res. JPEG) will do it. VOX
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The minolta A1 goes this long - provided you have enough memory to store the file. Its only 320x160 though so if you are looking for something higher-res ...
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The Panasonic FZ10 (30fps) and I think the Minolta Xt (and newer Xg) also will do that at 15fps, assuming you have enough memory. Unfortunatley, the Xt is only 3Mp. For 30 minutes, I'd personally go for a video camera, or one of the small digi-camcorders at Firebox.com
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Old Feb 28, 2004, 7:48 PM   #5
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the fuji s602z does 640x480 @30fps for as much memory available. at 1GB it is about 17 minutes. at 320x240 it's about 30 minutes for a 1GB memry card. sound is mono. focus and zoom are adjusted prior to taking the movie and fixed thereafter.

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I have a Kodak DX4330 (now discontinued) that will record video with audio for as long as memory will last. With 128 MB it will record some 9 minutes. My guess is that newer Kodak Easyshare cameras do the same thing.
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