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Interesting point. A follow-up question though: where exactly does the sensor size crop-factor of various DSLRs fit into the equation. For instance, take the Canon line: 3 different crop factor sizes. Other quality issues asside, would say a 300mm lens on a 1.6 crop body produce the same quality image as a 370mm lens on a 1.3 crop body?

Or, another version of the same question, if the same 300mm lens were used on both bodies and you cropped the image from the 1.3 to match the image from the 1.6 which would have higher quality? Or is it too minor to make a difference?
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A 1.3 crop sensor is larger than a 1.6 crop sensor so all other things being equal the 1.3 crop sensor would give a better result. Cropping it would reduce the pixel count so you'd only expect the quality to be the same if the 1.3 had more pixels to start with. If the 1.3 sensor had more pixels than the 1.6 then the quality would be similar but with finer detail possible on the 1.3 as long as it was within the resolving power of the lens.

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No matter what, optically zooming into a scene will always produce more resolution than high MP croppinginto the same scene. (Your MP need to be veryhigh in order to match the resolution of optical zooming)

Ultimate, it will all vary accordingly. But one thing is for sure, your everydayshooting styles, (with today's common technology in mind) will benefit much betterfrom the optical zoom; than trying to use high MP to substitute.
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