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I live in a small town, and there is a photographer that EVERYONE uses for the name. She cost a ton! And so many people really don't care but it's the only photographer anyone knows. There are very few others in town. So this is a great town for me to start my photography business but not sure the best free ways to get my name out there. I have posted on a lot of free places online. Any idea the cost for being in the yellow pages?

I did just do pictures for a family that is well known in town. I'm sure a lot of business will come from that. Already will be doing that families Christmas pictures and there grandson's baby pictures, as well as a friend wants me to do pictures for them! Any good tips? I do this and web design by the way. So if any of you want CHEAP websites for your photography let me know.
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Get to know a photo lab in your area, ask the owner if you could put a big size picture of your favorite shot, give him your business cards so he can refer you to his clients who need wedding pictures, you make money he prints your pictures, both sides make money. Discuss your camera setting with him, ask him to print some sample pictures from your camera and pick the color you like most, he might record the color balance in a different channel for your wedding pictures. Trust his judgement, he is the one who sees more pictures than anybody in this world. Some of the labs have a small studio in the back for passport photos, take advantage of it to shoot the couple portraits.

Find a partner to cover your miss shots he/she will share the responsibility with you. Your partner has his/her friends to add to your list of customer's base.

You live in a small town, you have a good chance, go for it.
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This is one of the harder things to do as a photographer.
There are books on this subject, like "the photographers marketplace".

You should find events to photograph. School sports games are a good example. Then hand out business cards, offer up the pictures for free. Build up a reputuation. But make it clear that you do do events for money. Don't let people think that you will give away pictures. If they start to think about you in that way, then they will always expect you to give away your pictures... and that reputation is very hard to get out of.

That is just one example, try it and think about others as well.

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