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Default My last attempt

Are continuous ink systems that rare out there? I finally found a company that makes one for my canon s9000 but by the responses so far (2), it appears that you all must by your ink in cartriages. Are these systems no good?, Is it better to fill your old cartridiges with syringes, or.... is it better the old fashion way, ,buy a new one at the store. Come on pros, spill it. The fireman needs to know.
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Sorry, just a cartridge user, and the ones I want done up real nice I use a photo site to print. I personaly never heard of continuous systems, sounds like a neat system for heavy use printer users. You might repost this in the printer section, maybe there is a printer guru lurking around down there.
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it seems at this point in time since that printer is relatively new they have not developed a system for the 9000 as of yet. november is photo plus east they may show something there.
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