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Hi all -

I have a Nikon D50 and D80. My questions involves how many images can be stored on a given SD card. The file sizes of the two cameras, both typically shot in JPEG Large, Fine, = approx >4 mb for the D80 and <3 mb for the D50. This is about a 25-30% difference.

The D80 has approx 40% more megapix's.

Here's the question....when fitted with a 1 gig SD card, the D50 says it will hold 288 images, while the D80 says it will hold 133 images..... a 116% difference!

So....the question....why, with only 40% less megapix's and 30% smaller files, will the D50 store 116% more images on a 1 gig card?

My math is suspect, but, I think, reasonalby solid on this (I had to do it several times and go with the ones that matched!)

Any help would be enlightening.

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I'll bet that it has something to do with the JPEG compression rates of the two cameras. Could be that the D50's default compression rate is higher than the D80, allowing it to store disproportionately more images on the same size card.

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Thanks, Grant...

I was thinking along the same lines. I guess this would mean that, in addition to the D80's more megapix's, it's also loosing less in JPEG compression system, right?

But there's still the problem of file size. Wouldn't the file size reflect any less compression processes? I mean, it seems, say a file of 5 megbites could be stored at twice the quantity of files at 10 megbites? This isn't the case either (?):roll::?
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Looking at roughly identical subjects (for example, our ISO 200 samples from both cameras), I see a file size of 2,430,208 bytes from the D50 versus 4,014,458 bytes from the D80.

That's a relatively significant difference.

The way the camera is estimating the number of photos is probably a big part of it, too. Chances are, the D80 is using a more conservative estimate for shots remaining (and there is no way to tell how many you'll get since file sizes will vary based on image content with jpeg).

Depending on your ISO speed setting, you may see the estimate change with some cameras, too (noise doesn't compress as well since it's seen as detail, and this can increase file size). Even things like lens, aperture and focus distance will impact file size (since softer areas won't have as much detail and will compress better).

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