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Default ND Filter Question

About 18 months ago, I acquired my Pentax 12-24 lens (front element is 77mm - a big front lens). After a bit of research, a few weeks later I picked up a Nikon Circular Polarizing Filter (II PL2), specifically due to the filter thinness in order to reduce the potential of vignetting - and it has worked very well. [I know - a Nikon filter on a Pentax lens....]

So - my question, I am now looking for an ND8 filter, and trying to determine the differences between the vendors - Tiffin, Hoya (Tokina makes the Hoya filters with Hoya optical glass) and B+W, etc., across quality, effectiveness, and coatings. I am usually able to research just about any topic to whatever level, however - there appears to be precious little in terms of comparisons across and between the main filter brands on the web, which is pretty surprising - either that or I have been looking in all the wrong places.
  • Coatings - and it appears that for digital cameras it assists in reducing flair that may be added with the filter. Any particular coating more desirable or efficient that others?
  • Then SinghRay has a variable neutral density filter that is adjustable from 1 to either 2, 5 or 8 stops, and comes in a thin mount (and is pretty expensive). Any down side to an adjustable filter as opposed to a static (single ND value) filter?

So, anyone out there have some information, ideas, comments and opinions?


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If you mount another polarizing filter in front of your existing one, you have effectively created a variable ND filter. Nice thing about that is that the front one can be the less expensive linear polarizer.

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