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I want to get a polarizer for my S5100 fuji camera.

I know that a multicoated circular polarizer is the best type to get. But on B&H's website a Hoya HMC circular polarizer is about $65.

$65 is about 25% of the total cost of my camera. How much image degradation would I expericen if I went with B&H's General Brand circular polarizer ($20) or Hoyas non-multicoated one ($35)?

Hoya says that their standard filter has a single coating. Is this true with B&H's General Brand one for $20?

Also, according to Hoya, non-coated polarizes reflect about 9% off light, single coated reflect 4-5%, and the HMC filters rflect 1-2%. Considering the camera I am using, would I even see a difference in the final image of an HMC verses a Standard Hoya? What about the General Brand?

Also, I might add that probalby within a year I will be buying a different camera. I plan to upgrade to either a 30D or Digital rebel (or whatever hits the market of similar quality). As such I don't want to spend alot on a camera accessory that won't be used for more than a year. Can anyone give me some adivce?
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Also, according to Hoya, non-coated polarizes reflect about 9% off light, single coated reflect 4-5%, and the HMC filters rflect 1-2%.
I think you're misunderstanding.

They're talking about the differences in how much light is reflected from the coatings, not through a polarizer. How much light getting through a filter depends on the filter type, not just the efficiency of the coatings.

You're going to lose up to 2 stops of light (only 1/4 the light gets through) with a Polarizer, depending on it's orientation. So, you may need shutter speeds 4 times as long for the same aperture, lighting and ISO Speed using one.

I'm no expert on coatings. So, I'll let other members comment on the differences between them.

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My understanding of the super-fantastic coatings is that they reduce flare, and hold up better long term. See if 55mm will fit whatever lens(es) you plan to get for the canon, maybe you could get a slightly larger filter and a step up ring if you plan to upgrade so soon, then you could get a really good filter and just be done with it.
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