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Kakabeka Jul 6, 2005 10:39 AM

I have an opportunity of buying some very good used Minolta AF lenses 300 mm 2.8 APO ,80/200 2.8 APO just to name a few.

I enjoy using 35mm especially with my 9000.

Even though the price ,on these lenses,are "used" prices it will still be in the thousands of $$.

What concerns me is that the technology with both the 9000 and these lenses is older.

Does it make sense to buy older technology ,especially thousands of $$, or does one start new ?

New meaning staying with the 35mm format.

Thanks in advance.

NHL Jul 6, 2005 2:56 PM

Lenses design have pretty much 'mature' - in fact the two lenses you mentioned are both in the 'G' series, the Minolta 'L' equivalent to the Canon's so they are not cheap either (They are actually white too) ;)

The 80-200 f/2.8 has been updated withthe SSM which is the faster and silent ultrasonic drive, but in term of optic that lens is fine - In fact it was reknown for its sharpness and 'bokeh' over the Canon or Nikon equivalent (just check the site)...

-> You're actually getting a bargain here. :cool:
Think about it, combined with the new Minolta 7D you'll have 'Anti-Shake' for all theses excellent lenses for free!!!


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