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DiFFUSE Oct 10, 2004 3:52 AM

I just moved to Los Angeles to go back to school and study tradition art, I also want to further my photography knowledge and maybe even start on a career. I want to learn more about studio photography and specifically fashion or portrait work (I am open to adult stuff). I think the best way to learn is to DO, so I am offering my services to anyone doing this type of work in the Los Angeles area ( I live in glendale). I'm a big guy so I can take any type of grunt work, I also know a lot about Photoshop and web technologies, so maybe I can help there too. I will work part time for free, all I ask is that you teach me bits here and there tips of the trade and how to get ahead in this tough business.

I am available immediately! Please check out my portfolio site in my sig if you want to see my current skill level. Don't pass this deal up, I am a very hard worker and I am very eager to learn. PM me or post in here if you want to talk more.

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