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Default NEED Camera with electronic shutter only

Here's a challenge.
I'm looking for a camera that does not utilise a mechanical shutter as I'm taking huge numbers of shots and I'm 'killing' shutters like you wouldn't believe.
I need 6 Megapixel or higher.
I need to control the camera with full function while connected via USB.
I also need to be able to download image files via USB.
(e.g. I currently use Nikon D5000 via Nikon Camera Control Pro 2)
No problem if it has a mechanical shutter that simply opens when it's turned on and closes when it's turned off.
I'd assume such a camera would flash sync at very short exposure times (e.g. 1/2000th), given there's no shutter to get out of the way.
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What sort of photography are you doing that you're killing shutters?
I'd assume your taking more than 100K photos per year?
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Old Oct 15, 2010, 10:52 PM   #3
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In general (and obviously there are always exceptions).
  • Point and shoot cameras do not have a shutter. You turn it on, light hits the sensor through the lens, rear monitor screen displays the shot. You push the button, and the system captures the scene from the sensor and saves it.
  • dSLRs on the other hand have both a shutter and mirror. They usually operate in one of two modes. Mode 1 (normal mode) You turn it on, light hits the mirror and is redirected up to the viewfinder. You push the button, mirror is lifted, shutter opens, light hits the sensor and the system captures the scene from the sensor and saves it. Mode 2 (live view) You turn it on, enable live mode which lifts the mirror and shutter, light hits the sensor through the lens, rear monitor screen displays the shot. You push the button, and the system captures the scene from the sensor and saves it.
I get the feeling that you are doing time lapsed imagery, taking a lot of images in doing so (1/2000 sec exposure). dSLR shutters are usually rated for 100,000 images, which can be burned through rather quickly when using time lapsed techniques.

To get around the mechanical shutter issue, I would suggest considering the following options:

  • A high end P&S with a large sensor (better noise control) like the Panasonic LX3, f2 Leica lens, and 10MP. No shutter, large sensor good noise control for a P&S, relatively cheap by SLR standards, however I for for tethered shooting its via the old mechanical shutter release, so that may not be helpful. The canon series of P&S support remote shooting, so I would look there. I have an old Canon SD500 (7MP) that does tethered shooting via USB just fine (and no shutter).
  • EVIL or mirrorless cameras. These are essentially 4:3 dSLR cameras with the mirror box and shutter (depends) removed, so they appear to be "large" P&S with inter-changable lenses. These would be the Panasonic EP1, EP2, and the Sony NEX cameras. None of which appear to provide tethered shooting support. I also think that Samsung (NX100) has a unit also, but it appears to not support tethered operations either.
So, in this case - until tethered shooting catches up with the mirrorless camera segment, it looks like probably a Canon P&S with remote capabilities may be your best bet.

I would also give both Canon and Nikon technical support a call and ask if there is a specific way to lock the shutter open, specifically live view, and if you can run in tether mode....

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Old Oct 16, 2010, 12:21 AM   #4
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Not all P&S cameras are without shutters. Some do use them. Some close the iris all the way in order to zero the sensor prior to taking the photo, meaning there will be a mechanical operation for each shot.
Lydew; Check out RED cameras - I believe they are the sort of thing you are looking for - if you have the budget.

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Old Feb 17, 2011, 10:37 AM   #5
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i have the same problem.

beside cellphones i couldnt find a digital camera with a 100% Electronic Shutter

The 2 models intereset observer mentionend Panasonic LX3 and Canon SD500, have combined electronic and mechanical shutter.
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Not really my field but would a high frame rate video camera work? One that uses motion jpeg.

A. C.
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Old Dec 15, 2013, 11:43 PM   #7
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Really old thread but I need the same thing !

I need to digitize 35mm uncut film rolls. Thousands of shots needed.

For slide photography best bet is on proven Olympus EM1 with 60mm macro, but it has mechanical shutter

AFAIK the only true electronic shutter camera is Nikon 1 with 32mm lens

But the lens is not macro ! F limited to only F16. Anyone knows if this lens would fit 24x36 standart 35mm film frames? What about working distance? Sharpness?

Is there other camera / lens combo to make this work?
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Don't know if this will help, but ...
Panasonic GX-7 has an electronic shutter mode. It's a micro four thirds, both Panasonic and Olympus make macro lenses for it.
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