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Default Need help - Camera for Live Band pics - low light/action

I'm finding out that my Fuji 3800 just doesn't cut it for low light action shots - all my pictures are terribly blurry.

I need some suggestions for a camera that is good for low light, high motion pictures. I'm planning to keep the Fuji 3800, so this would be a second camera that would only be used for live band/club pictures. I'm really looking for one that is not very expensive, anything with 1 megapixel and up is fine with me since the pictures are not for print - they will be displayed on websites only.

Any suggestions?

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Low Light, Fast Action, No Blur , No such animal
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I've seen some pics taken with a Sony camera that turned out pretty well in the same setting. Not crystal clear, but a lot better than the quality from my 3800. Maybe someone knows which Sony model is the best for this?
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The Olympus C5050 has a F1.8 lens (one of the fastest lens in digital cameras), it has an ISO range of 64 ot 400, comes with an auto assist lamp. These will provide you with the quality you are seeking other than going dslr.
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one word:
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The Olympus C5050 may well have a fast lens but the focal length will likely be inadequate for this particular purpose.
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Old Jan 12, 2004, 5:20 PM   #7
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Thanks for the info.. I guess I'll just keep trying with my Fuji 3800.. With a 256 mb card, I might be able to get a few good shots.
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Depending on your budget, you may also want to take a look at the Sony DSC-F717. It's got the fastest (able to gather more light) lens around for it's focal length (F2.0 at wide angle, only stopping down to F2.4 at it's full 190mm equivalent zoom).

It's 5MP 2/3" CCD also has a pretty good noise profile at higher ISO speeds (to allow faster shutter speeds without blur), compared to models using much smaller sensors, with much smaller pixel pitches.

However, I would buy one from a vendor with a no restocking fee policy, in case the results are not as good as expected.

The best solution is a Digital SLR, using a fast lens; but this would most likely exceed your desired. budget.
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Old Jan 15, 2004, 12:36 AM   #9
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I'm thinking about upgrading my Canon A70 in a year or so (I'm having the same problems the starter of this topic has).

I am not really looking at dSLRs, but...

what are some good entry level dSLRs? what types of lenses are good for super-long telephoto, low light without flash, etc?

What would be some good cameras to look at on a limited budget... for example anticipating a year ahead, not being optimistic, I might be able to afford $500 to $600 or so, but if I stretch it I might be able to go a bit higher. I would use an existing 1GB CF card, but whatever I do, I would like to be able to take at least 500 highest-resolution best-quality (uncompressed if available) images without having to change the memory. What would be some good ones to look at (current - I expect their prices will be lower in 9 to 15 months or so, right?, and upcoming, too)?

It would be nice to have something that fits in my pocket... for example Minolta's S414, Canon's G5 oughtta fit just fine, with a little bit of room to spare, so a somewhat bigger camera might be ok.... but I don't mind having to remove the lens in order to make it fit... but then that doesn't solve the problem of knowing how to have the camera ready at 1/10 of the shutter speed time's notice...
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