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roylgll Dec 22, 2006 3:33 AM


I am new here so need some advise from u guys out there who have got any experience on the Ispan digital video camcorder... As i am planning to get 1 and this will be my very 1 camcorder so just want to get some feed back from u experts out there.. Me also kind of budget type so can't afford those high end cam :)

Here is the spec:

Ispan DDV-520Six in One Feature Packed Digital Video Camcorder

[*]A 6-in-1 featured digital still camera, digital video camcorder, web cam, music player, voice recorder and USB [/*][*]Storage: [/*][*]4.0M pixels high quality CCD sensor, maximum 12M pixels enhanced [/*][*]Compact pocket size and most friendly user interface [/*][*]MPEG-4 image compression technology with high image resolution DVD quality [/*][*]Motion stabilization function on video mode [/*][*]3 x optical zoom [/*][*]Maximum 8 x digital zoom [/*][*]Two inches TFT LTPS color LCD panel with 270 degrees screen rotation [/*][*]Video TV out for NTSC or PAL system [/*][*]32MB internal flash memory [/*][*]Support SD or MMC memory card up to 2GB storage [/*][*]Remaining memory or recording time management [/*][*]Multi language on LCD display and manual [/*][*]Selectable background frame for pictures [/*][*]Optional AV-in function [/*]

[*]Specifications: [/*][*]Lens and sensor: [/*][*]4.0M pixels high quality CCD sensor [/*][*]Auto focus F: 2.65(W) to 4.97(T) and f: 5.9(W) to 17.17(T) [/*][*]Shooting mode: macro (10 to 30cm) or normal (30 to infinite) [/*][*]3 x optical zoom, off or 4 or 8 x digital zoom [/*][*]Shutter type: mechanical shutter [/*][*]Shutter speed : 1/2000 to 1/30 [/*]

[*]Digital imaging and specification: display: two inches TFT LTPS LCD, 130K pixels [/*]

[*]Resolution: [/*][*]Still image or pictures by one GB SD cards [/*][*]Standard quality: [/*][*]3936 x 2952 and 350 pieces [/*][*]2592 x 1544 and 1051 piecescs [/*][*]2048 x 1536 and 1294 pieces [/*][*]1024 x 768 and 5176 pieces [/*][*]640 x 480 and 13251 pieces [/*][*]Video recording time by one GB SD card: [/*][*]640 x 480 and 30fps in 44 minutes [/*][*]640 x 480 and 30fps per 66 minutes [/*][*]320 x 240 and 30fps in 187 minutes [/*][*]320 x 240 and 15fps in 435 minutes [/*][*]Still image file format: JPEG [/*][*]Video compression: MPEG-4 SP and ASP [/*][*]File format: AVI, ASF and MOV [/*][*]Audio and video in and out: [/*][*]Audio input: Microphone mono [/*][*]Audio output: speaker or earphone [/*][*]Audio file format: ADPCM or WAV [/*][*]TV output: for NTSC or PAL system [/*][*]Optional AV input function: recording any video signal [/*]

If any of u guys have taken any video with this cam dun mind to share it with me thanks.

amazingthailand Dec 22, 2006 7:20 AM

So... Who are you working for?
First time poster. Crap cam, but suprisingly, no URL.

fishycomics Dec 24, 2006 5:45 PM

when referring to a ceertain camcorder, or well known as a hybrid , locate the proper thread, and post there?

As times may be rough and $$$ may or may not be an object to some, it i the best way to get started, with " A PC CAMCORDER"

Remember vynal records. they're outdated, and no longer the best quality, think again

mp3 is the future , on its way out like blue ray technology

so again a hybrid is a start forsome who cannot aford a 3000.00 camcorder

priceless moments are caught on film, no matter waht you're shooting with?

This Hybrid has not reached the exported country of Overseas , to the USA yet, and not yet released to us, it is a deleayed item, till they're on the market you may want to look else where

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