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Hello, I came back from a 3month trip in Europe and upon returning I found out that one of my CDs filled with photos... priceless photos was corrupted! Which is first of all very strange since I tested the CD in France after I got it copied and the photos seemed to be in there.

I know there are supposed to be programs that you can get to possibly recover lost images from your memory card. I'm willing to try anything. Can you recommend a good program for me?... preferably free.

How do you use this programs? Do you have to stick your memory card into an adapter?

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You may want to try reading your CD in a different drive (one drive may be aligned a bit differently compared to another and be able to read more media)

Make sure you don't have anything on it either (smudges, lint, etc.). Sometimes I get read errors if one gets smudged (and wiping it off with a soft cotton tshirt usually works for reading it again, although there is probably sometime better for that purpose).

As for needing an adapter to read a memory card, it depends on the camera. As long as your camera shows up as a removable drive under "My Computer" with a Drive Letter assigned, then you can read images without a card reader in most cases.

Try reading it withDigital Image Recovery (it's free). You can download it using this link:


Look under "My Computer" and make note ofthe drive letter for the reader (or camera if connected via USB). Then,run the Digital Image Recovery Program.

You then select English as the languge (when it starts it will ask), andselectthe source drive letter your want it to read from (the drive letter for your card).

You then browse for a folder for it to copy recovered images to on your hard disk drive and press the start button (just leave everything else at the defaults).

It's simple to use.

Here is another product designed to recover images if Digital Image Recovery can't get them back for you (not free, but they have a demo version you can try to see if it works).


If these two utilities can't find the images, there are more that may be worth a try, too.

You could also try using them on your CD if you can't read it any other way (just use the drive letter for the CD as the source drive and see if the software can find images on it and save them to your hard disk drive).

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My friend said because the small circular thing on the back of the CD was blank, she figured it didn't get copied at all... because if it did, their would of be a mark or something.

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I'm not familiar with the circular thing on the CD you refer to. If you read the CD in France it isn't blank. The only way I know of to check is to hold the recorded side at an angle to light. If you get the reflection just right you can see a slight difference in texture where it has been recorded. Try it with one of the CDs that does work and then compare to the one that doesn't. CDs record from the inside out.

You have a chance of recovering from the card if the missing photos were the last thing recorded and you erased but have not overwritten them with other images. If they were overwritten there is no chance of recovering older images. If you formatted the card in the camera but did not overwrite the images it varies with cameras whether there is a chance of recovering.

Were all of the CDs written at the same time and with the same program and blank media? If the CD you can't read is RW (rewriteable) there is a chance it was written with packet writing. In that case it would read fine on the computer it was written on but not on another computer without the UDF reader for the program that wrote it.

You might try IsoBuster: http://www.smart-projects.net/recove...erdownload.htm Older parts of the program are freeware but I think you require the $30 version to recover from packet written RW. I would try the free portion first. Some recovery software will tell you if there is anything to recover before you have to pay.

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I will get the CD back from my friend and test it like you say... hoping for the best.

Well, I have definately taken photos on my memory card since that supposedly corrupted CD as that was in July and I was on vacation so there were tons of time that I took photos and erased photos from the card. So your saying that this is probably not good... that there is low or no chance of recovering lost photos from that memory card?
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vanessa wrote:
in July and I was on vacation so there were tons of time that I took photos and erased photos from the card. So your saying that this is probably not good...
If you delete file only files data in file allocation table ("index" on contents) is destroyed and it can be recovered easily.
But when new data is writed to media it will overwrite all space which is marked as empty in file allocation tabel. (destroying those "deleted" files.

CD-Rs shouldn't really deteriorate at that speed.
So first I would suspect bad/old CD-ROM drive or old operating system.
Also if disc isn't closed/finalized normal CD-ROM drives are very propably unable to read it so try it in CD-RW drive.
Reason is very propably in those if there didn't seem to be anything in disc.

If disc gets recognised but there's errors then I would limit reading speed of drive, high speed drives are lousy readers and make easily errors if dics isn't in good condition.

Nero Drivespeed and CD Bremse (/Throttle) are good for that.

PS. When wiping optical medias clean use direct wipes from center of disc to outer edge.
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