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I am tempted to by a Velbon VE-3 tripod for about $15 delivered. From what I can tell it is all metal and weights 4.75 lbs, has a max height around 5 feet, and has rubber/spiked feet. It also appears to be old as I cannot find much of anything on the web about it. Does anyone know if this is a good inexpensive tripod?

Also on acution is a Velbon CX-444 that I can get for $25 deleived. I do know that this is a current model and is listed on the B-H site for about $40. I don't want to spend any more than $40 delivered for a tripod since my use will only be occasional for shoting night shots and when using the 370mm eqiuv. zoom on my Fuji S5100 in poor light (cloudy days). Thanks for your input.

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well I dont know anything about that brand but..
some things to think about.

It has to support your investment in your camera and not drop it.
Do you plan on geting another one when you get another camera,
or do you want it to last a long time. What kindof repair options
does the maker offer/ if any.
Once you get one are you sure you wont use it much, I'd say most of those
that have one will tell you they use it more than they first thought they would.
Then some would say they never use it .

I have two one 6" and one 6', and want a 3rd about 18 to 22".

Also get one as close to your height as you can, a little taller would be better, than shorter. You can always lower it.

Just as a suggestion most department stores will take one back if it's
approx a year old, and not beat up, ebay will never take it back ,
so if you have a small budget like me, I'd look at the department stores ones.
I use ebay and have looked at them on there, a desent one
isnt goin to cost ya less than $50 (if your lucky) off ebay,
department store about $30.

My 6' broke and I called the maker to get a peice to fix it, they said send the whole thing back and we'll send you a new one. (bought it at a department store)

This is just my opinion, others maybe have different ones.

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I actually ended up going a different route on ebay. I bought a Used but gread condition (at least so says the listing) Bogen 3001 legs and 3029 head for $50.50 delievered.

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