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I am considering a Canon S1-1S. I have looked for "quantitative" info on how big a print I can get with a decent printer, and all I can find is words like Good, Fair, Acceptable, etc. I see photos on the web, but this is not much help as a computer screen is made up of dots bigger than cameral pixels. Can anybody out there tell me at what point of enlargement do you start to see the pixels? At maximum resolution, with a good printer do you start to see a difference between a 3.2 megapixel Canon S1-1S and a similar camera with 5 megapixels on a 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 photo or never? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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This is quite subjective because, well, different people have different opinions of what is acceptable :P It depends on viewing distance and stuff like that...

If you are familiar with prints then camera output is the same. In other words, do you know how many dpi is acceptable to you?

Just take the resolution of the camera and divide by the dpi to see how big the print will be (or divide the MP by the size and get the dpi).

For example, 8"x10" at 200dpi translates into 3,200,000 "dots" (8*200*10*200) so you need 3.2 megapixles to print 8"x10" @200dpi (each dot is one pixel)....

11"x14" @ 200 dpi requires 6.16 megapixels....

And so on...

I have the S1 IS but I don't really print anything big so I can't give any opinion... hopefully someone that prints big photos can provide more input...

If you have a printer at home, you can try downloading one of the images out of the Canon S1 IS (check Steve's review at the end for the actual unmodified images) and try printing that at different sizes and see how you like it...
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I did some test prints recently with an S1 IS at 4x6 size - one of each available resolution.

note: instead of the 4:3 aspect ratio given, I did crop the pictures - just figure the 3:2 aspect ratio resolution, keeping the large number. For example, 1800x1350 would be translated to 1800x1200.

At 2048x1536 (341.333dpi), the picture looked perfectly fine to me.

At 1600x1200 (266.667dpi), I think it was still ok.

At 1024x768 (170.667dpi), I could see some moderate pixelation.

At 640x480 (106.667), It was quite pixelated but still recognizable.
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