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Default Need a recommendation for good digital photography book

Just wanted to see what the concensus might be around here for a good "how-to" kind of digital photography book. Something that would be good for a beginner to intermediate type of user, and could give good tips/advice on, as an example, what type of settings to use for different types of pictures.
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No need to pay for a book, head to http://www.photocourse.com for a FREE online "book" on the basics of digital photography.

Otherwise, suggest you head to your local library and see what they got.

Each book is for different people, with different types of cameras...you have to see what's best for you.

Along with the site above, I'd check to see what sites like Kodak and your own camera's manufacturer has on their site.

I learned more from sites than I did from books, because it's a lot easier to find stuff online.

For instance, check out this site to learn how to use depth of field, http://www.photonhead.com/exposure/simcam.htm
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It is not a digital camera photography but I heartily
recommend the late Galen Rowell's book:

The Art of Adventure Photography

You can pick it up used on Amazon for just a few dollars at:


Awesome book!
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I'll second the recomendation to head for your library - take a look at the clasics. Read them to understand the problems, not the solutions for chemical photography. Many/most problems are the same for digital as for chemical photography, but the solutions are not. As an example, Adams spend a fair amount of time talking about how to use the shifts and lifts of a veiw camera to deal with perspecive That can be done with software when you use digital, but the problem is the same.

Also those books use some of the best photographs ever made as illustrations.
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National Geographic puts out a series of photography books I recomend. Take a look at the "Field Guide" and "People" editions by Robert Caputo. Not about digital per se, but very good info on photography in general, both film and digital.
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These guys are all giving you good advice...however one book on Digital Photography that I have gotten a lot out of is by Ben Long; "Complete Digital Photography" (second edition)...


Hope that is helpful.
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Since I just hunted down the links, I thought I'd post them:

Here are (I believe) the two books that fporch suggested:

National Geographic Photography Field Guide: People and Portraits

National Geographic Photography Field Guide, Second Edition: Secrets to Making Great Pictures

And here is the one that I have liked:
Nature Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Field Techniques by John Shaw

I've learned a lot from this book. Some of the sections seem a little thin, but they are also very dense.
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