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I have had a Sony camcorder for a loooonnng time (approaching 10 years). It cost me a bundle back then - about $2000 if I recall - but it's served me very well. Just last weekend I finished off my "2007 Home Video" editing (call me a slacker!) and the results are perfectly acceptable. I do my editing the slow way, namely through a Pioneer DVD Recorder at my TV. Given the constraints (lack of keyboard, etc) it does take a while but its not too bad.

My needs are pretty simple. I produce an annual home video, edited from the footage I gather from the year, and then edit down to an hour. I've done this for the last 7 or 8 years and the results are bot technically acceptable and a delight as our kids grow up. I still have a regular (non-HD) TV and the aforementioned Pioneer DVD recorder.

But now the time has finally come to start the transition to HD. In moving to HD, I have the following needs.
  • Basic "record everything then keep the the good stuff" approach. I am not a good editor so don't need more than basically cut/divide/insert functionality [/*]
  • I want to create a DVD that I can play on my home TV / DVD recorder at the best possibly quality. [/*]
  • Preferably I'd like to take the edited HD content and additionally record to non-HD format[/*]
  • I want an index on the resultant DVD which tites for each chapter (birthdays, etc)
I plan to move to Blu Ray next year but don't really understand the relationship between Blu Ray and HD. I also plan to move to an HD TVnext year but that's obviously a bigger purchase (I want to research that one fully).

I have always done my editing at the DVD recorder but may think about moving to a PC (I am technically pretty savvy on a PC) if that helps. I dont even know if HD recorders (dedicated, not PC) exist yet. I am concerned about needing to upgrade my PC at this time (will do it if absolutely necessary but would like to avoid short term). I have a 2Ghz laptop with 2GB RAM.

Here's the rub. I just bought a Sanyo HD1010 (portability is a big factor in my purchase decision). I now find myself unsure of what I need to edit video produced by that camcorder.
  • Short term, can I feed it's content to my (non-HD) Pioneer recorder and then just edit as I currently do? [/*]
  • If so, what is the best resolution I should shoot at (I assume I can't shoot at the highest and then "downconvert" when I pump the content to the Pioneer, right)? [/*]
  • Longer term, what would I need to edit the content on a PC and then create a DVD that I can play on a new Blu Ray player? [/*]
  • As a secondary consideration, I send my current DVD's to my family in the UK and since they seem to have a "region free" DVD player they can watch my non-PAL content just fine. I'd really like to retain that (they have a Blu Ray player already).[/*]
Anyway, if there are any folks who can walk me through this that would be most appreciated. The Sanyo is still within its return period but I am hoping this can be worked out such that I can justify keeping it.



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No-one? Or does anyone have a pointer to another forum that might be more relevant for questions such as this?



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Hi Mark,

Sorry to say we are pretty much a stills forum, however there is a section for hybrid cameras with some pretty knowledgeable people there who might be able to help, check it out.

Oh and welcome to Steve's.

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If you videos are on DVDs or in file formats that you and inport on your desktop computer you may want to look at honestech VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe as a possible way to edit down your footage. You can work with one clip at a time and edit to save only the footage you want and then combined them into mpeg format. You would need a sperate DVD burner application in order to create the actual finished DVD. The honstech is available at Sams Club, Walmart and Big Lots for about $40.

I use the program in order to save TV shows and movies (cutting out all the commericals etc) first from my original recording that is on a DVD-RW)before I save the files onto a DVD. You;d be surprised how much space ou can save by not having the commericals and wasted space at the begin and end of the hour.....

Sorry I don't use camcorders or Blue Ray equipment, so I can't be of any more help.

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im not sure im fully understand you, but i typically use KINO, Aivdemux, Virtualdub and MediaCoder for such needs.
for import from analog sources - many TV-tuners quite capable[4personal needs - up 2 480 lines and even to 576]
both DVD-recorders technically can record anything you want[what can fit by size].
and about HD - HD more stick to resolution itself, than media. in many aspects HD-DVD - superior to Blue-Ray drives, but its nevrmins, while multistandart recorders become available.
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