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Fast1 Dec 28, 2003 12:36 PM

Need for speed
Hello all, I am NOT a expert but I take photos for a local high school's track team..I have been doing fairly well with a HP850..for portraits and outdoor crosscountry...BUT now I have to do indoor track where action is faster I get can as close as 20 meters at some track but others I am at least 50 meters away...the HP850 could not take mutiple photos so I got a lot of blurred shots..I am looking at 3 camera's all zoom the Pansonic 12x 4mp FZ10, the Minolta A1, and Canon rebel (a little high but I will go for it if I have to)...local camera shop that sells all 3 brands says the FZ10 actually takes photos faster than rebel and about the same or better as A1.. which their expert says with my zoom needs and no tripod (usally) their anti-shake/ stablization will be better then the rebel is ....fella's I got lucky and sold the 850 for what I paid for it 2 months ago...I need this purchase to last ...I will also be taking photos during outdoor track where I can be as close as 20 meter or as much as 100 meters away ...if you need more info let me know..btw most indoor stadiums have "decent" lighting.
I also need at least 8x optical main concern on rebel is that I hear it's only so-so in auto mode... a lot of my meets are multi events where I cannot setup for every single shot....if you suggest the rebel PLEASE tell me what lens to buy the "ritz" kit with 2 lens ..the "canon" kit with one ..or just body with XXX lens.
I am open to any camera's ..perfer 700.0 usd but will go to higher if it's required... Thanks in advance

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