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Default In need of suggestions...

I am looking for an inexpensive (cheap) digital camera that takes good to excellent closeups of objects.

I run a metal detecting website and many of my users like to post pictures of the items they find. Most of these items are coins, jewelry, etc... to give you an idea of the size of the items.

There are a number of users that can barely afford a metal detector to share among their entire family so a good digital camera is out of the question. What I want ti to be able to suggest and point them to a camera brand that is real inexpensive and takes pretty good closeups.

I would like to find a couple of cameras the fit the above criteria that they could afford or that I could buy and give away on my forums. Hopefully, these cameras would be available for a long period of time to give anyone that wants to buy one an opportunity. As for me giving some away, I would give them away as prizes in contest over a period of time. Depending on the price, I would give away as many as possible.

If anyone wonders about other items that might in the pictures, my website is at http://www.mytreasurespot.com
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A general answer to this type of question is that many of the Nikon consumer cameras have a very good macro mode. I couldn't name a model (as I have never used one) but its a reoccuring theme I here when this type of question comes up.

Also, remember that you don't have to buy the latest and greatest. One model back (and therefor cheaper) will still have as good a macro mode as when it was the best out there! So don't limit yourself to the new ones.

Another thing that you should point out is that macro photography is not easy. The depth of field can be very small, making it hard to get the subject in focus. Also, lighting can be hard because you are so close to the subject (blocking a lot of the light.) Clearly it can be done, but it takes some practice. One thing you might also want to suggest (yes, it means more money) is a tripod. A small table top tripod won't cost much and will probably make macro work much easier.

Lets see if someone can suggest some camera models!

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