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Default Need suggestions for a good camera between $400 & $800

I am looking for a new digital camera.

I am not new to cameras, but have really only been a Sony fan. I have a Sony DCR-PC110 Mini-DV, it has 1megapixel resolution and takes decent pictures, but it is hard to take pictures and record video at the same time

Anyone have any Ideas for a good camera, I want to be able to take pictures small videos, etc.

I also like the clip motion feature of the Sonys do any others cameras have anything similiar??
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YOU have to decide what you want in a camera, basic point&shoot, pocketable, megazoom, or dSLR.

No one here can tell you what camera to buy...although they can give advice once you say what you want to use it for.
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Size is not important it will be with me at all times, I will just leave it in the car and take it when i want it.

I want to be able to just point and shoot but I want options for video, multi burst etc
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I recently purchased the Olympus C-4000z and love it. It is fully automatic plus it has all the manual controls you'll ever need. It also has the capability of accepting an external flash with full synchronization, which most other cameras do not. It's 4 megapixel and takes super pictures. This camera can be had for about $350 with shipping from the more reputable online stores. It has the multi-burst option you want. However the video does not have sound, but if you really want good quality video you are better off using your camcorder. After much research I opted for this camera over the Minolta S414 because of the flash capability. As Mike PEAT stated earlier you have to decide which camera fits your needs. The nice thing is there are so many great cameras to choose from right now, which also makes it much harder to decide!
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The Olympus C-2100 has a super zoom, movies with sound, and will take pictures at about 2fps, although it doesn't have the capability of storing multiple low-res photos in the same frame. Give us more specifics as to what you are looking for if you want other suggestions.
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Brand-spanking new, I'd recommend looking into Canon Powershot G2, Nikon CoolPix 4500/5000, and Olympus C-4000Z. The Powershot G2 is for image quality. The Nikon 4500/5000 is for extended camera features. And, the Olympus C-4000Z is for the budget-conscious. Use them as a measuring stick, and go from there.

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