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pranesh313 Mar 21, 2005 2:49 AM


First of all, Kudos to everyone responsible for this great information portal. Really love it!

Had just decided to buy a Canon Powershot A95 from a store here in Stuttgart, Germany. Unfortunately the time I went in they ran out of stock for this model. I asked them if they would be ordering for me and the reply I got was surprising. According to them they will not be ordering more of this model because they are waiting for the other model from Canon. May be called the Canon Powershot A96, well he was not very sure of this. The advice he gave me was to wait till then because Canon plans to keep all the features the same, except that the model would run on 2 AA batteries and would also include support for SD card.

Now I need some help here. Is this true and do you think I should hold my decision for some more time based on this?

Is it really coming out in the middle of this year(2005)? Could you please help me out with this please.....

Nicolas Mar 21, 2005 9:08 AM

Let's just assume this is true... He said that the camera would be the same cept that it would use 2AA and SD cards... In other words, no improvement to speed, photo quality, manual features, lens.

So if what he said is true, then you should buy the A95 now.

Now, I doubt that what he said was true... I would expect the A95's update to come at the end of summer. To use 2 AA batteries and SD cards, but also to have similar changes as the ones seen on the A510.

If what I said is true, then should you buy the A95 now ? I don't know, it depends on how important certain things are for you... it depends if you want the camera now or if you can wait roughly 6 months. It also depends on how much u like the A95 vs the shape of the A510. Lots of questions, I can't answer... All I can say is that there will always be an upgraded camera coming, so get the one you want when you see it.

For my part, I bought the A95 last September or early October; I am very pleased with that camera, here is a sample gallery:

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