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It gets confusing.... The new Casio Z55 - CCD size is still 1/2.5 but now it has a 5 megapix.... Steve rates the camera very highly, but in other camera reviews he was saying that the small CCD packing more megapixels is a bad idea... So, any ideas on this subject ? I know that if the CCD would be 1/1.8 it would be better for a 5 megapix. camera, but what do you think? Maybe STEVE can shed some light and help ????
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Times change, progress occurs, My first camera had a .3 MP chip...

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This has been written about here MANY times...the basics are more pixels on the same sized CCD means more heat, and more heat means more noise and hot pixels, and heat is generated with longer exposures.


Newer cameras can have better algorhthms for dealing with noise and other impurities. Newer cameras do take better quality pictures than cameras of a few years ago (the megapixel issue notwithstanding).

The big reason why manufacturers don't want to change the size of the CCDs is so they can save money and don't have to change the optics...a 2mp 1/2.7" CCD Olympus C-700 and a 4mp 1/2.5" CCD C-750 are both considered 38-380mm cameras (35mm equivalent) but their ACTUAL focal lengths are 5.9-59mm for the C-700, and 6.3-63mm for the C-750...seems like a small difference, but it meant starting from scratch on the design and different parts needed to be manufactured.
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