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Well, we're slowing seeing more DigitalCameras supporting Video... At first, we saw cameras that simply took a series of low resolution photos in rapid succession to make a video with no sound,with a very choppy frame rate.

Then, frame rates increased with sound added. Of course, higher resolution video followed with even faster frame rates (640x480 at 30fps is common now).

Then, some models started allowing zoom while recording --with sound quality still leaving something to be desired (although Olympus did introduce a model or two with microphone jacks to help out with the sound).

Models with some form of mechanical (either Optical, or KM's CCD Anti-Shake) Image Stabilization also improved the video quality.

Some models are also using more advanced compressionalgorithms now, withless space required on memory cards.

Now, reading through the latest press releases on Samsung's new offerings, it appears that they've included some form of Electronic Image Stabilization (as you sometimes find in camcorders, although mechanical based systems are usuallybetter).Samsung refers to a "Movie Clip Stabilizer" feature in this press release.

The camera also has the ability to capture MPEG-4, 30 frames-per-second movie clips at a size of 640 x 480. The V700 also features Movie Clip Stabilizer and Movie Edit functions that can be performed right on the camera.

So, this appears to bethe latest twist in the evolution of video into still digital cameras.

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That's interesting... I don't think this will have much of an impact on videos right now (because there are more serious problems with videos that need to be fixed first (eg. slow focus, high noise, lack of control, etc))... but it's still interesting...
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yah...well, basically, where the digital video camera and digital camera meet up is just the combination of the functions of both things into one device. This has been desired for a long time, and it was just a matter of time before we got what we all wanted. I just remember that digital video cameras were getting there, it's just that the still pictures they took were lousy in quality. Improvements in technology just get us where we want to go ... so now we're starting to get devices that feature the best of both worlds.

Now they just have to keep going in the development of memory cards that have much more memory, so that we can store big movies on them. Anyhow..some folks started off with PC's with maybe 40 megabyte hard drives back in the past? And now the hard drives are hundreds of gigabytes in capacity. And they're even getting 8 gigabyte hard drives the size of a dominoes (however you spell it) now.
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