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Default Newbie needs help: Minolta vs Nikon and other questions

I had a Minolta D7 until it was stolen recently. I was very happy with it, but now that I need to buy a new digicam I am undecided. Hubby wants to eventually by a digital SLR, so I don't know if I should forgo the D7 for a smaller (cheaper) camera, or if I'll be disappointed. I've been looking at the following:

Minolta Dimage 7hi vs Nikon Coolpix 5700
Minolta S414 vs Nikon Coolpix 4300

What do you all think? I've read all the excellent reviews at this wonderful site, but like most, I'm only more undecided now! If you have any opinions, please share. And if you have other recommendations, please let me know. I would really like to stick with 4 MP or more.

So, do I replace my D7 or go with a smaller, easier to tote camera and lose some quality and options. :?: :?
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I see this has gotten a lot of hits, but no one has any opinions to offer? :?:
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A question like yours often goes unanswered because of several problems, it gives very little basis for a answer.

"Here are two (three, whatever) cameras, what do you think?"

The answer is entirely subjective. Remember, most folks own only one digicam and thus have almost no basis for comparison other than reviews which you already have read.

Also you mention being possibly disappointed, but is this because of cost, convenience, quality, ?? get the drift?

I own a Minolta S404 and love it but of course would like a another camera higher up the scale now that I have partly outgrown the S404/414 genre. But like others feel incapable of answering your question since I've never used any of the other cameras you mention.

Some other poster here bemoaned the fact that many questions like yours get posted and are often ignored because he/she feels that anyone with any experience would go to the reviews and try to make a rationale decision.

Bottom line, very few folks are familiar and have used all of the cameras you mentioned thus possibly feel they can't answer or they feel you and othres should go the reviews and perhaps afterwards go to a camera store.

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Thanks for your reply. I was referred here by another member who thought I could get some opinions here.

I guess I'm hoping maybe Steve or someone with experience with more than one camera can offer some advice.

Otherwise, I was just looking for opinions from owners of the cameras I mentioned.
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I looked at both the Dimage 7Hi **AND** the Nikon 5000 (now 5400) in great depth. I liked the features of both (these are the only non-SLR cameras on the market that offer 28mm focal length equivalent lenses and external flash shoes). I researched both in depth, and ended up buying a used Dimage 7 from e-Bay. I chose the Minolta over the Nikon because of the battery-conserving option of the electronic viewfinder. I chose a used 7 instead of a new 7Hi because of the price savings, and the fact that there are few features on the Hi that I really need. With a firmware upgrade, I can convert my 7 to a 7i model (providing improved focus times) and I should be fine. Before I spent the cash on a new 7Hi, I'd **SERIOUSLY** investigate the new Canon SLR. Their bottom of the line Canon digital SLR with a zoom lens and an external flash is only about $400 more than a 7Hi with external flash. For that price, both you and hubby may be pleased. Good luck and happy shopping!
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