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I am ready to buy my first digital camera. However, I need some advice. Some veteran digicam owners friends have told me that for my needs I need no more than a 3 megapixel camera. However, the first thing that I was told to look for is the least amount of time between when I press the button and the picture is actually taken. This will be important with children. With that in mind, is there a good allaround camera anyone can recommend? This will also be used for work in some low light situations. :?:

The DSLR cameras are still a bit pricey for my needs. I would like a easy to use, 3 MP, with good battery life (preferably one that you can recharge), and very quick shutter lag. I am willing to spend around $450. I hope that is possible.
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Unfortunately, I can't recomment any models, but I can fill in the meat on some of those comments you heard.

Believe it or not, you can make some fairly reasonably sized prints from smaller sized pictures. So you might only need 3MP for the size you want to print (which you didn't list.) The advantage of larger pictures (more MP) is that you can crop to make the picture better. Throwing away some of the data so the layout looks better.

They are right that when taking picture of moving kids (or often kids in general) you want a low shutter lag. There are cameras that have that, but there are not many of them that are reasonably priced. All the DSLRs (as far as I know) have a very fast shutter speed. Almost all consumer grade cameras have a slow shutter speed. It is very frustrating. But some are fast, and hopefully someone else out there will know some models for you to look up. I'm happy with my DSLR, so I haven't researched others.

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The Minolta Z1 is 3MP and has a very short shutter-lag.
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Default smallridge13

Well you are right on with the two main areas to consider.

Virtually all of the point and shoot type of cameras, suffer the "time lag" problem. You will hear this complaint thousands of times. There are a couple of reasons for this situation, but the bottom line is you will have it to some degree no matter what make or model you eventually buy. Go to your local store and snap away on the demo units and you will instantly (no pun intended) get the feel for what is in store for you.

3megs will do a very creditable job for the kids activities.

If you just want a "casual" camera for general family use - any major brand should do just fine.

If you think you might get serious and think Photography is an interesting potential hobby.

Think about what your expected needs might be. and follow through. Unfortunately the manufactureers are pretty saavy in what to include for each $50 to $100 of selling price.
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I think (also) a Minolta Z1 would be perfect for you.
takes rechargeable AA batteries
good battery life
very low shutter lag
has good flash
works well in auto mode but has many manual settings
big zoom which actually works
takes addon lenses
makes long movies

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