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i have a question...i've looked at some newer cameras...like the digital rebel, 20D, 1d mark II, and some others..

and i've noticed, the ISO starts at 100....why is this?

that's a whole stop of extra light let in....this would make it harder to take slow shutter shots of waterfalls and such...

unless i'm the only one without enough money to buy the ND filters necessary to have one stop not a problem...

just wondering..

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Maybe I am missing something. If you can afford a 20D at $1500-$2000 and the Mark II at $4000-5000 why can't you afford a ND filter that runs less than $100 for a stack of HMC Hoyas.

Of course if it is really important to you the Canon Pro-1 has a built in ND and starts at ISO 50.
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Yeah, and most Nikon dSLRs start at ISO200!

If you are taking slow shutter shots of waterfalls, you'll need much more thanjust the 1 stop reduction from ISO 100 to ISO 50, so you'll need ND filters anyway (probably several, stacked) .
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