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Default Nikon 5400 or Canon G5

While on vacation, I realized my Nikon 3100 just doesn't fit my needs. WHile it's awesome at Macro shots for a point and shoot, it seriously lacks night time ability due to the fact you can't adjust the shutter speed. Annoying, should have done some more research before I purchased.

So I'm looking at 2 cameras now. My main concerns are night time shots, macro mode, and a wide angle lens, or ability to put on a wide angle lens. I was sold on the 5400, until I started reading reviews about the G5. The Nikon does have a faster shutter speed and a built in wide angle lens though. I really like the multiple focus points of the Canon.

Any input out there?
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The canon G5 does have a slightly faster and sharper lense than the 5400, but it also has a case of the purple firngies to go along with it.

Here is the link to the dpreview page discussing purple fringing in the G5
and in the 5400

The Nikon 5400 does not have a fixed focus point, a little red rectangel shows up on the lcd to show you what the camera selected to focus on.

As for wide, they both have wide angle teleconverters, the 5400 goes down to a 22mm or 6mm fisheye(35mm eqivalents) with its converters.

They are both excellent cameras and either will produce exellent results. I picked the 5400 because of the fringing problem.
To make your decission easier :twisted: You might also want to look at the olympus 5050, another good camera with similar features.
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I own a Nikon 5400 and Canon S230. IMHO Canon cameras are generally superior to the Nikons. Check out the sample pix on the review section. Canon pictures have better color, free of color fringing, again IMHO, though Nikon can be just as sharp. The 5400 is famous for it's "soft image." Build quality of my S230, and the G5 (which I handled at a camera store) is better. The Canons have a more solid, precision feel. Canon's can literally focus in the dark with their IR focusing aid, while my Nikon has trouble focusing in typical indoor house lighting.

Why then did I buy the Nikon 5400? I desperately wanted the built-in 28mm equivalent lens. The Canon add-on wide-angle adapter looks almost as big as the camera. And I guarantee you that schlepping and attaching/detaching the lens while shooting travel pictures will be a real pain.

If you can live without a convenient, built-in, wide angle lens, get the G5, otherwise the Nikon 5400. Although I've been a lifelong Nikon film camera fan, if a Canon "G6" with a 28mm equivalent was offered, I'd buy one in a minute.
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