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BCobra99 Nov 13, 2002 10:20 PM

Nikon 5700 or Minolta 7i
Which one would you choose and why? I'm leaning more towards the Nikon...

rikster Nov 14, 2002 12:12 AM

i Hve the D7Hi. I too had my list down to the 7i, 5700, and 707. Watched the boards went and used all three in a store. Then decicded the D7Hi was it for me. sony has beloney memory sticks and proprietary batteries also only 90 day warrantee.. Camera seemed awkward to hold. Was more like a lense with a camera attached to it. Nikkon proprietary batteries again, and poor low light focusing. It had good build quality but very small to hold. Did not like the evf at all. No ability to attach filters Big mistake in my opinion. Minolta good low light not as good as sony but better than nikkon. CF card and microdrive compatibility. Threaded lense, 7x zoom less than nikkon but not that much less. Better flash than nikkon and ability to use others like 3600 or 5600. Had pc sync too. Histogram big plus too. uses AA batteries saving lots of money. I thought the colors were more true on the minolta too. Red was red not orange. Also the D7i is less than both 717 0r 5700. And i had minolta SLR s in the past and never had a problem with them. So i stayed loyal and bought a dimage.

dc9mm Nov 14, 2002 12:34 AM

Hey Rickster why do they call the 7i or 7hi a 7X zoom when it says its only 200mm equavlent to 35mmFilm camera when the Fuji 602 has whats called a 6X optical but its equavlent to 210mm??? Nikon 5700 is equavlant to 280mm and its a 8X optical. Seems kinda strange. When i saw you say the 7i model was 7x optical i thought, humm not what i see but your right about Minolta saying its 7X.

I dont have either the 5700 or 7i / 7hi but the 5700 takes sharper pictures with less noise without any doubt. But then again you wont see that in little pictures printed like 5 by 6 inch but if you start printing large prints it does show. Think Sony takes the sharpest of all, but somewhat limited zoom and a big camera because lens is fixed length, plus memory sticks are a pain (more money-small capacty for now).

NHL Nov 14, 2002 9:19 AM

It's the ratio 200/28mm that gives it a 7x. What the other cameras lack is the 28mm wide angle of the D7's for indoor or landscape. The same 7x on a D5 goes from 35mm to 250mm. A 280mm with a x8 only get you down to 35mm... (so is 210 divide by 6)

It's a ratio and not a magnification measurement! Have you try to print larger than 8x10 pictures with the D7's to comment?

dc9mm Nov 14, 2002 12:44 PM

printing large
Ok that explains the 7X part, as far as printing large picture to be able to comment i have printed 8.5 by 11 inch and the minolta 7i isnt as sharp as the 5700 or Sony 717 and you can see a differnce easily. Thats why i commented about picture quality if printing big pictures. Didnt mean do offend anyones camera as there all quite good just a little more sharpnest with the 5700 and 717, the 717 was the best in my opinion. Used a Epson 780 printer. Plus you can see that there less noise in the 5700 and 717 compared to 7i or 7hi on my monitor too. I should also mention all printing was done through Qimage Pro.

Since i can see a differnce at 8.5 by 11 i would have to "guess" at even larger sizes the differnce would be even more. If the S9000 printer comes down in price, i will know for sure.

NHL Nov 14, 2002 1:04 PM

With pictures that sharp one should notice the CA as well right?

I agree with you they are all excellent cameras and everyone must do a compromise or trade-off... Otherwise we'll all buy the same camera and there's no need for this discussion forum either.

Klaus DK Nov 14, 2002 1:49 PM

Please NHL be careful not to start the NOISE discussion once again! He he he he.

After I viewed the pics posted in the other group i this forum, I noticed a lot of noise in the Minolta shots. I'd go for the CP5700!

NHL Nov 14, 2002 5:04 PM


No problem here... just like we discussed before, each camera has its own characteristics. One just has to weight their pluses and minuses agaisnt one another. There'll will always be features that one would miss or shortcomings after a choice is made... why don't the manufacturers just give us everything?

Overall though the Nikon owners are happy with their cameras, and so are the Minolta's... or the Sony's :lol: :lol: :lol:

Klaus DK Nov 15, 2002 3:53 AM

Just kidding - I'm tired of all the noisetalk! Got enough!

I've decided to wait buying a new one. I'll wait 4-5month to see the next Nikon. Maybe we get a Nikon- (pic-)quality- with- Minolta features- digicam. That would be great, wouldn't it ? (The brand will mean nothing!)

NHL Nov 16, 2002 6:21 AM


There's no argument here in the Minolta's residual noise in certain shots under close magnification. It can be toned down however with several judicious camera adjustments (see Benji7 sky's shots) which also explains why owners are satisfy with the results.

Sometime I even question as to why Minolta didn't do anything about it, since they had another two generations of D7i and D7hi to make improvements upon. They could even have changed the camera's RGB CCD to the 5700's CYMG version since they were re-writting the camera's firmware anyway. The only thing I can think of is either Minolta is satisfied with their philosophy of "predetermining its noise reduction level aiming at enhancing texture and spatial effect of the captured image rather than the noises left" or they are filling us with bulls.

Regardless I think we should be constructive and do as you suggested before to list the pluses and minuses of each camera here to help the readers in theses forum decide what is right for them instead of beating on each camera and bloody one another(s). Let me start a spreadsheet and every owners can give me their input. How that?

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